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On teaching leave Spring 2022.


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Constance Gordon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at San Francisco State University. She also is a Core Faculty and Advisor for SF State's campus-wide Climate Change: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions Certificate Program. Broadly her interests involve how communication shapes environmental imaginaries and how organizing helps cultivate more just and sustainable futures, especially worldmaking within and against relations of extraction and dispossession. Her collaborative scholarship has addressed intersections among food systems, housing, labor, and environmental justice in gentrifying cities as well as place-based organizing. She frequently engages conversations in environmental communication and cultural studies, critical organizational communication and rhetorical studies, food studies, critical geography, and social movements.

Constance received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder where she also earned Graduate Certificates in Development Studies and Comparative Ethnic Studies. She has a Bachelors from San Francisco State University in International Relations. 


Recent Publications 

Gordon, C. (Forthcoming). Communicative considerations for urban food governance: Toward food privilege or food justice in Denver, Colorado. In S. Dempsey (Ed.), Organizing food justice: Critical organizational communication theory meets the food movement. New York, NY: Routledge. 


Gordon, C. & Hunt, K. P. (2021). Communicating power and resistance in the global food system: Emerging trends in environmental communication. In B. Takahashi, J. Metag, J. Thaker, & S. Comfort (Eds.), The handbook of international trends in environmental communication (pp. 115-131). New York, NY: Routledge. 


Gordon, C. & Byron, K. (2021). Sweeping the city: Infrastructure, informality, and the politics of maintenance. Cultural Studies, 35(4-5), 854-875.


Gordon, C., Pezzullo, P. C., & Gabrieloff-Parish, M. (2021). Food justice advocacy tours: Remapping rooted, regenerative relationships through Denver’s "Planting Just Seeds." In N. Crick (Ed.), The rhetoric of social movements: Networks, power, and new media (pp. 299-316). New York, NY: Routledge. 


McGreavy, B., Kelley, S., Ludden, J., Card, D., Cogbill-Seiders, E., Derek, I., Gordon, C., Haynal, K., Krzus-Shaw, K. Parks, M. M., Petts, A., Ross, D. G., Walker, K. (2020). "No(t) camping": Engaging the intersections of housing, transportation, and environmental justice through critical praxis. Review of Communication, 20(2), 119-127.


Gordon, C. & Hunt, K. P. (2019). Reform, justice, and sovereignty: A food systems agenda for environmental communication. Environmental Communication, 13(1), 9-22.


Courses Taught at San Francisco State University 


  • COMM 744: Seminar in Environmental Communication
  • COMM 760: Seminar in Organizational Communication 
  • COMM 899: Directed Readings (Critical Organizational Communication & Contemporary Capitalism)


  • COMM 572: Rhetoric of Ecology 
  • COMM 348GW: Writing About Environmental Rhetoric
  • COMM 522: Organizational Communication 
  • COMM 537: Leadership Communication
  • COMM 670: Seminar in Communication Studies