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Legacy web pageMark Ciotola is a Lecturer in the School of Design since 2001. He has also taught at Monash University, U. of New Hampshire, Swinburne University of Technology and Singularity University. He brings together design, technology, business and law to advance innovative endeavors. He has worked in technical roles (as an employee or contactor) at NASA, Genentech, Applied Biosystems, and Intuit. He has worked in design/market service groups at Monster Cable Products, Levi-Strauss and the Kessler Group. He has been a founder/team member of start-ups including ePeople Technologies (augmented reality), Course.Cafe (e-publishing), Sustainspace (aerospace/agriculture) and a mentor/advisor for many others including HyperCubes, Emerge and Reach & Match. He holds a B.A.s in Economics (U. Wisconsin), a B.A. in Physics/Astronomy and and MBA (SFSU), a Juris Doctor (U. New Hampshire) and a Graduate Certificate in Space Studies (U. of South Australia).

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