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Not available. Contact via e-mail- cordova@sfsu.edu


At SF State Since:

January 1974


Retired from San Francisco State University in the Spring of 2021. Former Department Chair and Professor Emeritus of Latina/Latino Studies (formerly Raza Studies), College of Ethnic Studies. San Francisco State University. Courses taught: Acculturation Issues of La Raza; Art History of La Raza; Central Americans in the U.S.; Community Organizing; Immigration Issues and La Raza; Indigenismo: Indigenous Culture and Personality; Caribbean Cultures; Latinos in the U.S.: Religion and Spirituality.

Lead researcher/ historian/ team leader. Responsible for the research and writing of the San Francisco Latino Context Statement: Nuestra Historia: Documenting the Chicano, Latino, and Indígena Contributions to the Development of San Francisco. A project funded to the San Francisco Latino Historical Society and San Francisco Heritage by the City of San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Fund Committee, this citywide historic context statement will document Latino history as it pertains to the physical and cultural landscape of San Francisco and will offer recommendations on how best to preserve and maintain architectural, cultural, and historical resources important to Latino communities.

Oral history research team leader in charge of training 16 high school and college students on conducting oral history interviews with merchants, old-time residents and community leaders on 24th Street in San Francisco. The students used their smartphones to record the interviews and were organized into teams of 3 interviewers. The research leader was in charge of writing a narrative based on personal experiences, interview findings and other existing historical records that resulted in the publication: Calle 24 Cuentos del Barrio- A Self-Guided Tour of 24th Street in San Francisco.

Specialties: Latino Cultural Studies- migration, demographics, and adaptation of Latino immigration to the US. Emphasis on Central Americans in the U.S. Author of "The Salvadoran Americans- the new Americans" Greenwood Press 2005.

Traditional Medical systems in Latin America, shamanism, spirituality and religion. Extensive research on Mayan spirituality and shamanism in Guatemala and Afro-Cuban spirituality in Cuba and Puerto Rico.