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My Chinese name is 葛浩德 and I am Professor of Chinese here at SF State. I teach a wide variety of Chinese literature and language classes, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am also the Academic Advisor of the Chinese Flagship Program, a federally-funded honors track that offers intensive training in Chinese language and culture.

I grew up in the north-German town of Rendsburg, in the beautiful state of Schleswig Holstein. I received a BA in Chinese Studies from Cambridge University where I was an undergrad at St. John's College, and a Ph.D. in Chinese literature from Yale University. I have also studied Chinese at the University of Heidelberg, the University of Tokyo, and various places in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


My research is highly interdisciplinary and ranges from Qing-dynasty poetry and visual arts to Republican-period literature, Sino-Japanese relations, and contemporary cinema from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. My CV posted on this site provides a list of my peer-reviewed articles and book chapters along with my book reviews and many other scholarly and non-scholarly writings, all of which I am happy to share upon request. 

My book Bird Talk and Other Stories by Xu Xu: Modern Tales of a Chinese Romantic is a study and anthology of five novellas by Xu Xu (1908-1980), an important Chinese novelist. It was published by Stone Bridge Press.