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My Chinese name is 葛浩德 and I am an Associate Professor of Chinese here at SF State. I teach a wide variety of Chinese literature and language classes, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am also the Associate Director of the Chinese Flagship Program, a federally-funded honors track that offers intensive training in Chinese language and culture.

I grew up in the north-German town of Rendsburg, in the beautiful state of Schleswig Holstein. I received a BA in Chinese from Cambridge University where I was an undergrad at St. John's College, and a Ph.D. in Chinese literature from Yale University. I have also studied Chinese at the University of Heidelberg, the University of Tokyo, and various places in China and Taiwan.


My research is highly interdisciplinary and ranges from Qing-dynasty poetry and visual arts to Republican-period literature, Sino-Japanese relations, and contemporary cinema from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. My CV posted on this site provides a list of my peer-reviewed articles and book chapters along with my book reviews and many other scholalry and non-scholalry writings, all of which I am happy to share upon request.