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Friedline, T., Dunham, I. M., & O’Brien, M. (2019). The financial services environment and schools’ savings rates in the San Francisco Kindergarten to College (K2C) program, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 53(4), 1797-1824. Link to full text. Link to download image.


Dunham, I. M. (2019). Landscapes of financial exclusion: Alternative financial service providers and the dual financial service delivery system. Business and Society Review, 124(3), 365–383. Link to full text


Ryan, J. A. C., Ives, M., & Dunham, I. M. (2019). The impact of cost of capital reductions on regulated water utilities in England and Wales: An analysis of isomorphism and stakeholder outcomes. Journal of Management & Governance, 23(1), 259-287. Link to full text


Dunham, I. M., Foster, A., Graves, S., & Masucci, M. (2018). Navigating the dual financial service system: Neighborhood level predictors of access to brick-and-mortar financial services. The California Geographer, 57(1), 139-165. Link to full text


Foster, A., Dunham, I. M., Kaylor, C. (2017). Citizen science for urban forest management? Predicting the data density and richness of urban forest volunteered geographic information. Urban Science, 1(3), 30. Link to full text


Dunham, I. M., & Schlosser, K. (2016). Energy security discourses and environmental protection measures in U.S. federal energy legislation: An introductory exploration. The Extractive Industries and Society, 3(1), 86-94. Link to full text


Foster, A., & Dunham, I. M. (2015). Volunteered geographic information, urban forests, and environmental justice. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 53, 65-75.  Link to full text


Dunham, I. M., & Foster, A. (2015). Proximate landscapes of economic inclusion in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Professional Geographer, 67(1), 132-144. Link to full text