Cinco de Mayo

November 13, 2015 - 10:34pm -- Jennifer Arin

At a San Francisco supermarket, a Latina employee had embellished her work outfit -- a dark apron, sneakers, and keys draped from a long cord around her neck -- with a bright-red shirt beneath a black-and-white flower-patterned one. Atop her head, she had pinned a large white flower, which seemed a celebratory touch.


Casi olvidé,” I told her, “I almost forgot that today is Cinco de Mayo! I love your festive look.”


Gracias, mi amor,” she said, giving me a hug though I’d never met her before.


She was adorable: four feet tall at the most, with a round figure and warm smile. I held up my camera: “May I take your photo?”


“Of course,” she said – and when I was done she repeated, “Gracias, mi amor.”


“For what?” I asked.


“For making me feel beautiful.”


Cinco de Mayo Woman