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FALL 2021 / SPRING 2022

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FALL 2022

AIS 300 American Indian Studies Research Methodologies

AIS 320 American Indian Music

AIS 694 Community Service Learning










AIS 100 Introduction to American Indian Studies (classroom and online)

AIS 230 Urban Indians (classroom and online)

AIS 235 American Indians: Images and Issues in the Mass Media (classroom and online)

AIS 300 American Indian Studies Research Methodologies (classroom and online)

AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy

AIS 320 American Indian Music (classroom and online)

AIS 400 American Indian Education (classroom and online)

AIS 560 American Indian Modern and Creative Performing Arts

AIS 680 American Indian Studies Senior Seminar (classroom and online)

AIS 694 Community Service Learning

AIS 701 Seminar in American Indian Studies