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BiologyCollege of Science and Engineering


Hensill Hall (HH)


Office Hours: 

Tuesday: 11:00 am-11:30 am
Thursday: 11:00 am-11:30 am


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Interests: I am interested in both the evolutionary ecology of plants and the conservation of their pollinators.  I direct the Great Sunflower Project, a citizen science project, designed to evaluate the effects of landscape change on pollinator service in North America.  My lab focuses on the effects of anhropogenic change on plant and animal communities from local to continental scales.

My lab works in areas as diverse as the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, San Francisco city parks, Andes of Ecuador and vineyard areas of California. We work on developing effective and cost-efficient ways to monitor bees and other wildlife.

I am also interested in the effects of variation in flower phenology on plant reproductive success. We use Linanthus dichotmous, a plant that flowers during the day north of San Francisco and at night south of San Francisco, as a model system.

Current graduate students:  

Joan Brennan, Erin Elsey, Stephanie Saffouri, Nevin Cullen, Elsa Valenzuela and Molly Hayes.