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I am a field geologist with broad research interests in orogenic processes. I work on a variety of problems in geo/thermochronology, igneous & metamorphic petrology, structural geology and tectonics, and geochemistry that I tackle using field observations/measurements along with micro-analytical techniques and numerical modeling. My current focus is on ultrahigh-temperature granulite-facies migmatites from the Adirondack Highlands of New York. My research projects have included the collisional processes of the Himalaya and gneiss domes of southern Tibet, coexisting pseudotachylyte and eclogite-facies shear zones in northern Norway, the tectonic evolution of the ultrahigh-pressure Dabie-Sulu orogen in eastern China, and the tectonometamorphic history of subduction complexes in the Ural Mountains of Russia. I am always looking for graduate students with a strong work ethic, scientific curiousity, and drive to learn more! Send inquiries to leech@sfsu.edu – please attach a brief CV.