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Sergei Ovchinnikov is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at San Francisco State University. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Moscow University in 1971. After having held various research and teaching positions in the former Soviet Union, Sergei emigrated to the United States in 1980. He was a Research Associate at the Computer Science Department, UC Berkeley, from June 1980 until September 1981 when he joined the Mathematics Department of SFSU.

Professional History (SFSU):

      2017–date:     Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

      1985–2017:    Professor of Mathematics

      1983–1985:    Associate Professor of Mathematics

      1981–1983:    Lecturer, Mathematics Department

Representative Professional Experience:

Over 45 years teaching mathematics on all levels from secondary school to graduate courses. Supervised a doctoral dissertation. Carried out research in the areas of functional analysis, group representation theory, ordered sets, mathematical social sciences, fuzzy logic, and decision analysis.


      1971:       Ph.D. in Mathematics, Moscow University, USSR.

      1969:       M.S. in Mathematics, Moscow University, USSR.


     American Mathematical Society (AMS)

     North America Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS)


Presented research papers and invited talks at more than 100 international and domestic conferences.


     Over 120 publications in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Recent Publications:

  1. Real Analysis: Foundations, Springer, 2021. Book’s Springer Page
  2. Functional Analysis. An Introductory Course, Springer, 2018. Book’s Springer Page
  3. Number Systems. An Introduction to Algebra and Analysis, American Mathematical Society, 2015. Book’s AMS Page
  4. Measure, Integral, Derivative. A Course on Lebesgue’s Theory, Springer, 2013. Book’s Springer Page
  5. Graphs and Cubes, Springer, 2011. Book’s Springer Page