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The Stillman Laboratory is based at the Romberg Tiburon Center (http://rtc.sfsu.edu), SF State's marine and estuarine research center in Tiburon.   

Members of the Stillman laboratory study the environmental physiology of marine and aquatic organisms in order to better understand the ecological consequences of physiological responses to climate change.  Many of our projects focus on organismal responses to changes in temperature, pH, and salinity associated with global climate change, ocean acidification, and changes in freshwater flow in riverine and estuarine ecosystems.

We research a broad diversity of organisms, with a focus on coastal marine and estuarine invertebrates.  A broad range of approaches are used in our studies, including laboratory and field work, and response variables we measure include morphology, metabolic physiology, protein biochemistry, and genomics, in particular transcriptomics.  

Projects currently underway in our laboratory involve an examination of correlated changes in thermal phenotype and gene expression during thermal acclimation, acclimatization, and stress responses in crabs, responses of crabs to ocean acidification, and the thermal biology of freshwater insect larvae