Northern California Weather Resources

This page provide a series of links to weather forecasting and weather observing for the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California


Synoptic situation and forecast 


Synoptic maps

Forecast Discussion


North America current MSL pressure situation  

US Synoptic forecast map 24 hrs    

US Synoptic forecast map 36 hrs    

US Synoptic forecast map 48 hrs    

North Am. MSL pressure forecast  3-day

North Am. MSL pressure forecast  5-day

San Francisco Bay Area (NWS)

Northern Sierra Nevada (NWS)

Far Northern California (NWS)

Taho Basin Snow forecast (OpenSnow) 

NWS Bay Area Twitter Feed



Satellite images from GOES West


General Cloud composite 

Deep cloud cover (IR)

Water Vapor (IR


Northern California    

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Western USA

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North Pacific

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Full disc

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Bay Area Weather

Bay Area current meteorological observations 

Recent meteorological observations from the western slope of Sierran Nevada 

University of Washington 

MM5 Forecast maps

03-hr forecast 
24-hr forecast 
48-hr forecast 
72-hr forecast 

Other links

Null School Interactive Earth Model

US National Hurricane Center

Fire incident reports 

PurpleAir map

California Drought Monitor