I am on the steering committee and am a mentor for Cal-Bridge. The mission of the Cal-Bridge program is to increase the number of California State University (CSU) students completing their bachelor's degree and successfully entering Ph.D. programs to study physics, astronomy, or a closely related field.  The program is open to CSU students of all backgrounds, but we have a focus on students who are from groups historically underrepresented in physics and astronomy, especially Black/African-American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American/Pacific Islander students and first-generation college students from all backgrounds.


Cal-Bridge Scholars receive up to $10,000 (depending on financial aid) for each of their junior and senior years.  They also meet twice a month with two mentors, one from their local CSU campus and another from a nearby UC campus. Throughout the academic year, the Cal-Bridge Scholars meet for professional development workshops (Python programming, preparing for GRE, writing graduate admissions essays, etc).  Over the summer, they participate in REU programs (many through CAMPARE).  Finally, they receive extensive advice on applying to Ph.D. programs in Physics, Astronomy, or closely related fields.

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