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Introduction to the Archive

The SPA/MBB brownbag archive is a list of all the presentations that have been delivered since the inception of the brownbag series in Spring 2010. Click this here to return to the current SPA/MBB brownbag page. To update the archive or correct an error, please e-mail Dr. Charlotte Tate at


Historical Format Information

The SPA/MBB brownbag has been held on Wednesdays from 11:00-11:55am since 2010. The long time home of the Series was Burk Hall room 228 from Spring 2010 through Fall 2019. (That room was annexed by another academic unit, displacing the brownbag series.) In Spring 2020, the series moved to the Science Building room 395. However, the SARS-COV-2 pandemic (aka COVID-19) resulted in the campus closing and all instruction being remote for the latter half of Spring 2020 until Fall 2021. Consequently, the series moved to a remote webconferencing platform called Zoom. Between Spring 2022 through Spring 2023, the series met in a hybrid format of in-person attendance (in the Ethnic Studies and Psychology building and via the Zoom webconferencing platform simultaneously.)  Location changes notwitstanding, throughout its history, each meeting has been divided into presentation and discussion periods. Since 2011, there is one speaker per meeting and that speaker is able to choose the length of the presentation (up to 30 minutes), with the remainder being the discussion period.


Complete List of Speakers

(in Reverse Chronological Order [Most Recent to Most Distant Semesters])

*Indicates the format change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


External Speakers List (Fall 2023)


Brownbag was on hiatus during Fall 2023; Below are the external talks we enouraged attendees to visit.


September 25, 2023: Joint Colloquium with Biology, Time TBA: Dapha Joel, Ph.D. (Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University): Room EP 304


September 27, 2023: Department Colloquium, 12:00-1:30pm: Peter Wais, Ph.D. (Neurology, UC San Francisco/Neuroscape): LIB 121


October 25, 2023: Department Colloquium, 12:00-1:30pm: Sue V. Rosser, Ph.D. (Provost Emerita, SFSU): LIB 121


Speakers List (Spring 2023; Hybrid: Zoom & EP 304A)*


February 1, 2023: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): “Neither brain training nor bilingualism produces far transfer.  It makes sense.”


February 8, 2023: No Meeting


February 15, 2023: No Meeting


February 22, 2023: No Meeting (SPSP Travel Day)


March 1, 2023: No meeting


March 8, 2023: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Centering class: How perceived discrimination based on social class is associated with academic outcomes, mental health, and substance use"


March 15, 2023: Department Colloquium, 12:00-1:30pm: Gustavo Carlo, Ph.D. (Education, UC Irvine): LIB 121


March 22, 2023: No Meeting (Spring Break)


March 29, 2023: No Meeting


April 5, 2023: No Meeting


April 12, 2023: No Meeting


April 19, 2023: Department Colloquium, 12:00-1:30pm: Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D. (Affective Science, University of British Columbia): LIB 121


April 26, 2023: No Meeting


May 3, 2023: Ilke Bayazitli (SPA, SFSU): "Time beyond personality: Associations between time perspective and academic outcomes among adolescents"


May 10, 2023: David Obando (SPA, SFSU): "When uncertainty is high, affective forecast is hard: The sequel."


May 17, 2023: No meeting


Speakers List (Fall 2022; Hybrid: Zoom & EP 304)*


August 24, 2022: Informational Meeting: Format and Expectations


August 31, 2022: Roundtable Discussion: "The somewhat secret lives of submitted articles: A behind-the-scenes view of submitting to journals and the editorial process" (Discussion leader: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.)


September 7, 2022: Roundtable Discussion: "How do I start my research career? (And, does it have to be a career?)" (Discussion leaders: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. and Ken Paap, Ph.D.)


September 14, 2022: No meeting


September 21, 2022: No Meeting; Attend Department Colloqium instead!


Department Colloquium 12-1:30pm: Christina Masclach, Ph.D. (Social/Personality, UC Berkeley): Location: LIB 121


September 28, 2022: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "A longitudinal examination of tobacco use and discrimination based on social class among adolescents"


October 5, 2022: No meeting


October 12, 2022: No meeting


October 19, 2022: No Meeting; Attend Department Colloqium instead!


Department Colloquium 12-1:30pm: Kathleen Mosier, Ph.D. (Industrial/Organizational, San Francisco State University [Emerita]): Location: LIB 121


October 26, 2022: The Ph.D. Application Rountable Discussion (Part 1 of 2)


November 2, 2022: The Ph.D. Application Rountable Discussion (Part 2 of 2)


November 9, 2022: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): Toward a new classification system for "sexual orientation": Insights from integrating sexual and romantic attraction measurements


November 16, 2022: No meeting


November 23, 2022: No Meeting (Fall Recess)


November 30, 2022: No meeting


December 7, 2022: No meeting


Speakers List: Spring 2022* (January to May; Weekly Meetings, Online)

January 26, 2022: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Academic outcomes and perceived discrimination based on social class and race/ethnicity among Latinx high school students"


February 2, 2022: Stats Corner: Deep dive into Type I error


February 9, 2022: Annette Loynaz, M.A. (SPA '21, SFSU): "Top in the streets, bottom in the sheets? Preferred sexual behavior roles and personality dimensions for BDSM and vanilla communities"


February 16, 2022: No Meeting (SPSP Conference)


February 23, 2022: CANCELED - University-wide power outage


March 2, 2022: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Who mourns the personality typology, redux: Is a '5 from 5' (response profile) personality typology useful?"


March 9, 2022: Deja Simon, M.A. [SPA '19] (Social/Personality, University of California, Riverside): "Colorism and recognition memory"


March 16, 2022: No Meeting


March 23, 2022: No Meeting (Spring Break)


March 30, 2022: Delaney Casey (SPA, SFSU): "Revisiting the Kinsey scale: Toward a higher fidelity measurement (and use) of the original Kinsey continuum"


April 6, 2022: Christina Merrick, Ph.D. [MBB '14] (Neurology, UCSF): "kTMP: A new non-invasive magnetic induction method to modulate cortical excitability."


April 13, 2022: No Meeting


April 20, 2022: No Meeting


April 27, 2022: Rountable Discussion: "Some similarities and differences between academic and consulting work: Insights from both sides" (Discussion leader: Dr. Ryan Howell [SPA/MBB])


May 4, 2022: Career Discussions (lead by Julia Moon, M.A. [SPA '20])


May 11, 2022: Kodai Kusano, M.A. [SPA '17] (University of Nevada, Reno): "Towards a more parsimonious conception of pride: Three pre-registered studies to unravel the nature of authentic and hubristic pride"


Speakers List: Fall 2021* (August to December; Weekly Meetings, Online)

August 25, 2021: Introductory & Informational Meeting


September 1, 2021: Kenneth R. Papp, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Do wording effects change the factor structure or validity of Tangney and Baumeister's Brief Self-Control Scale?"


September 8, 2021: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU) & Delaney Casey (SPA, SFSU): "Correcting the record for cumulative science: Is it worthwhile to develop a higher fidelity Kinsey self-report scale than the de facto measure?"


September 15, 2021: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "A connectionist approach to semantic cognition"


September 22, 2021: Kenneth R. Papp, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Can bilinguals control entry into consciousness better than monolinguals?"


September 29, 2021: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Tobacco/nicotine use and perceived discrimination based on socioeconomic status among adolescents"


October 6, 2021: Rountable Discussion: "How is psychology similar to and different from other sciences, and what are the implications of these differences for practitioners of psychological science?" (Part 1)


October 13, 2021: Rountable Discussion: "How is psychology similar to and different from other sciences, and what are the implications of these differences for practitioners of psychological science?" (Part 2)


October 20, 2021: Roundtable Discussion: The Ph.D. Application Process (Part 1)


October 27, 2021: Roundtable Discussion: The Ph.D. Application Process (Part 2)


November 3, 2021: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Encapsulation and the function of consciousness in the nervous systems"


November 10, 2021: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Some research realities of truly interdisciplinary research"


November 17, 2021: David Obando (SPA, SFSU): "When there is uncertainty...affective forecasting is hard"


November 24, 2021: No Meeting [Fall Recess]


December 1, 2021: No Meeting [Clinical Area Job Talk]


December 8, 2021: No Meeting [Clinical Area Job Talk]


Speakers List: Spring 2021* (February to May; Bi-Weekly Meetings, Online)

February 3, 2021: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "How correlated are the facets of "gender?" Insights from panels of (mostly white) cisgender heterosexual women and men in the U.S."


February 17, 2021: Sean Chandler (MBB, SFSU): "Does stigmatization with Covid-19 diminish empathy for Asian people's pain? Can Self-compassion help?"


March 3, 2021: Roundtable Discussion: "Online Participants: Opportunities and Difficulties"


March 17, 2021: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Perspective: Is there a bilingual advantage?"


March 31, 2021: No Meeting (Cesar Chavez Day, U.S.)


April 14, 2021: Roundtable Discussion: "How did you choose your research topic? (And why do you deem it important to ask?)"


April 28, 2021: Betsy Paredes Centeno (MBB, SFSU): "What is a White Latinx? The moderating role of racial and ethnic identity on social identity threat and academic performance"


May 12, 2021: Liliana Celesia Moore (SPA, SFSU): "An intersectional approach to understanding the relationships among social identities, including race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and academic achievement, ethnic identity, and school equity"


Fall 2020* (September to December; Bi-Weekly Meetings, Online)

September 2, 2020: Introuction to the Series (Roundtable format)


September 16, 2020: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Looking backward, looking forward: How time perspective moderates the associations between racial and gender discrimination and tobacco use in adolescents"


September 30, 2020: Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Causal deviants"


October 14, 2020: Sarah Purnell (MBB, SFSU) & Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB/SFSU): "Illusory correlation in a social context"


October 28, 2020: Roundtable Discussion: The Ph.D. Application Process


November 11, 2020: No meeting (Veterans' Day, U.S.)


November 25, 2020: No meeting (Fall Recess)


December 9, 2020: Martha Maldonado-Clark (SPA, SFSU): "Anchoring: Can we encapsulate the anchor and prevent the bias?"


Spring 2020 (January to May)

January 29, 2020: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The alchemy of confirmation bias transmutes expectations into bilingual advantages: A tale of two new meta-analyses"


February 5, 2020: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "The computation of will: A connectionist model of control"


February 12, 2020: Department Colloquium: Dr. Simine Vazire (Personality/Social, UC Davis): LIB 121: 12-1:30pm


February 19, 2020: Kuba Gwozdz (SPA, SFSU): "Extroversion, introversion, and music choice: How does personality affect our music preferences?"


February 26, 2020: No Meeting (SPSP Travel Day)


March 4, 2020: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): Stats Corner: "Are many reported mediation analyses actually demonstrating moderation instead? A preliminary discussion"


March 11, 2020: Department Colloquium: LIB 121: 12-1:30pm - POSTPONED


March 18, 2020: Canceled (Public Event Cancellation University-wide)


March 25, 2020: No Meeting (Spring Recess)


April 1, 2020: Canceled (COVID-19 stay-at-home order)


April 8, 2020: Canceled (COVID-19 stay-at-home order)


April 15, 2020: Canceled (COVID-19 stay-at-home order)


April 22, 2020: Canceled (COVID-19 stay-at-home order)


April 29, 2020: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU), & Reza Ghafur, M.A. (SPA, SFSU): "The decline effect further considered: The wobble of variability based on sample size" [via Zoom]


May 6, 2020: Cheng Yu (SPA, SFSU): "Toward a gendered mannerisms scale: Updates from an exact replication study" [via Zoom]


May 13, 2020: Annette Cerdas Loynaz (SPA, SFSU): "Exploring personality and sexual behavior: BDSM and vanilla practices as complementary lenses" [via Zoom]


Fall 2019 (September to December)

August 28, 2019: Introductory Meeting


September 4, 2019: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Measuring gender identity as an individual difference: Insights from an empirical application of the gender bundle perspective"


September 11, 2019: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "On the relationship between autism and executive functioning"


September 18, 2019: Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (SPA/MBB, SFSU): "Some of the best things in life are things"


September 25, 2019: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "The promise of computational methods in psychology"


October 2, 2019: Stats Corner: Regression Analysis Questions: LASSO vs. Stepwise (Discussion Leader: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D.)


October 9, 2019: Dawn M. Lucier (SPA, SFSU): "From money to memory: Do people accurately predict happiness with experiential purchases made with a windfall?"


October 16, 2019: Cheng Yu (SPA, SFSU): "Development of a gendered mannerisms scale"


October 23, 2019: Roundtable Discussion: "The Ph.D. Application Process"


October 30, 2019: Department Colloquium: Dr. Steven Hillyard (Neuroscience, UC San Diego, School of Medicine): LIB 121: 12-1:30pm


November 6, 2019: Dylan Perez Neider (SPA, SFSU): "Motivated reasoning can influence the intake of simple, visual information: A case study using climate change"


November 13, 2019: Department Colloquium: Dr. Jennifer L. Eberhardt (Social, Stanford University): LIB 244: 12-1:30pm


November 20, 2019: Stats Corner: Missing Data and Handling Strategies (Roundtable Discussion)


November 27, 2019: No Meeting (Fall Recess)


December 4, 2019: Nabila Anguiano (MBB, SFSU): "When do we know someone is happy? Testing the convergence between alternative measures of happiness and self-reported happiness"


December 11, 2019: Anika Javaid (SPA, SFSU): "Acts of kindness: Impact on happiness and dosage effects"


Spring 2019 (January to May)

January 30, 2019: No Meeting (Department Mini-Retreat)


February 6, 2019: No Meeting (SPSP Conference Travel Day)


February 13, 2019: Paige Guge (SPA, SFSU): "How labeling of a sugary beverage tax impacts sugary beverage sales"


February 20, 2019: Department Colloquium: Nina Dronkers, Ph.D. (Neurology and Linguistics, UC Davis): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 121


February 27, 2019: Department Colloquium: Ja'nina Garrett-Walker, Ph.D. (Developmental Psychology, USF): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 244


March 6, 2019: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Say 'yes' to the inclusive measurement of dress: A self-report measure for the social presentation of gender via clothing and accouterments"


March 13, 2019: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "How can decision making inform emotion regulation?"


March 20, 2019: Reza D. Ghafur (SPA, SFSU): "The Asian disease problem and the salience of missing information."


March 27, 2019: No Meeting (Spring Break)


April 3, 2019: Laura Kosbie (SPA, SFSU): "Why can't we decide? Examining the role of regret aversion in indecision"


April 10, 2019: Julia Moon (SPA, SFSU): "Time and trepidation: An examination of thoughts and feelings about the past, present, and future and anxiety among adolescents"


April 17, 2019: Roundtable Discussion: "Retire 'statistical significance'? Or, carry on?"


April 24, 2019: Deja Simon (SPA, SFSU): "Development and validation of the perpetration of racial microaggressions scale"


May 1, 2019: Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Death and other threats to meaning systems"


May 8, 2019: Mirae Bouyssou (SPA, SFSU): "Social snubs and spending types: Interpersonal employment discrimination towards materialistic employees in the workplace"


May 15, 2019: Darwin Guevarra, Ph.D. (Social/Personality, University of Michigan): "Are they real? Regulating emotional distress with non-deceptive placebos"


Fall 2018 (August to December)

August 29, 2018: Informational/Introductory Meeting


September 5, 2018: Ryan Mette (SPA, SFSU): "Still happy with it. Explaining why we hedonically adapt slower to life experiences than material items."


September 12, 2018: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Who mourns for the personality typology? (And is it worth reinventing?)"


September 19, 2018: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Neural networks and the nature of emotion."


September 26, 2018: Department Colloquium: Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D. (Health Psychology, UCSF): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 121


October 3, 2018: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "How do sex, smarts, and sports relate to inhibitory control?"


October 10, 2018: Roundtable Discussion: "Some whens and whys of replication: Considerations for choosing studies to replicate."


October 17, 2018: Guided Discussion: "Trying to achieve a cumulative science understanding on a single topic with adversarial and/or non-interested research groups." (Facilitator: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. [SPA, SFSU])


October 24, 2018: Department Colloquium: Violet Cheung, Ph.D. (Social/Affective, University of San Francisco): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 121


October 31, 2018: The Ph.D. Application Process (Roundtable Discussion)


November 7, 2018: Cam Bui (SPA, SFSU): "Stimulus-elicited involuntary insights and syntactic processing: Implications for cognitive control."


November 14, 2018: Dylan Perez Neider (SPA, SFSU): "The effect of motivation on perception."


November 21, 2018: No Meeting (Fall Recess)


November 28, 2018: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Gaydar among gay men: The follow-up."


December 5, 2018: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Should I go to the SPA/MBB brownbag on Dec 5th? A neural network view on how we make such decisions."


December 12, 2018: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (MBB/SPA, SFSU): "The five burdens of encapsulation."


Spring 2018 (January to May)

January 24, 2018: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "A layman’s meta-analysis of tests of the hypothesis that bilingualism enhances general inhibitory control in nonverbal interference tasks"


January 31, 2018: No Meeting (Faculty Mini-Retreat)


February 7, 2018: Sarah J. Barber, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Ambiguous faces look more positive to older adults"


February 14, 2018: Paige Guge (SPA, SFSU) and Ishaa Chaukulkar (MBB, SFSU): "Purchasing happiness: It's written all over your face"


February 21, 2018: Department Colloquium: Benjamin J. Levy, Ph.D. (Cognitive, University of San Francisco): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 121


February 28, 2018: No Meeting (SPSP travel day)


March 7, 2018: Alyssa Wicker (SPA, SFSU) and Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (SPA/MBB, SFSU): "Do people know how to spend their money in order to maximize happiness? Examining differences in income allocation for happy and unhappy people"


March 14, 2018: Reza Ghafur (SPA, SFSU): "Examining the role of affect on framing through the use of neural networks"


March 21, 2018: No Meeting (Spring Break)


March 28, 2018: Gerald Young (SPA, SFSU): "An investigation into whether ethnicity is associated with depressive rumination thinking styles"


April 4, 2018: Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Skin deep? Racial phenotypic change elicits meaning threat and backlash"


April 11, 2018: Department Colloquium: James (Jay) L. McClelland, Ph.D. (Cognitive, Stanford University): 12:10-1:30pm, LIB 244


April 18, 2018: Rachel Gonzalez (MBB, SFSU): "Examining the relationship between loneliness and trauma through ecological momentary assessment"


April 25, 2018: Noelle Lopez (MBB, SFSU): "Exploring the role of cognitive control in the positivity effect"


May 2, 2018: Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Time after time: A conceptual model of time perspective."


May 9, 2018: Regina Anders-Jefferson (MBB, SFSU): "Does bilingualism enhance mental flexibility or disengagement of attention?"


Fall 2017 (September to December)

August 23, 2017: Informational/Introductory Meeting


August 30, 2017: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU) and Ryan Howell, Ph.D. (SPA/MBB, SFSU): "Redefine statistical signficance? Is p < .005 the answer?" (Group Discussion)


September 6, 2017: Gaurav Suri, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Understanding motivated behavior via neural networks."


September 13, 2017: Stacy Castellanos, M.A., & Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "Gaydar among gay men"


September 20, 2017: Ella Tarnate, M.A. (Credit Karma), Ryan Howell, Ph.D. (SPA/MBB, SFSU), & Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (SPA, SFSU): "How selecting the (in)correct inferential procedure has implications for future replications."


September 27, 2017: Karynna Okabe-Miyamoto (MBB, SFSU): "Happy shopping! The emotional antecedents of experiential purchasing decisions."


October 4, 2017: Department Colloquium: Amanda Morrison, Ph.D. (Clinical, CSU East Bay): 12-1:30pm, LIB 121


October 11, 2017: Daniel Wright, Ph.D. (Scientist, Alder Graduate School of Education)


October 18, 2017: Alyssa Wicker (SPA, SFSU): "Identifying contexts in which psychological inertia is most influential."


October 25, 2017: Reza Ghafur (SPA, SFSU): "Decision making and contextual framing."


November 1, 2017: Roundtable Discussion: The Ph.D. Application Process


November 8, 2017: Mirae Bouyssou (SPA, SFSU): "Can't buy your way in: How stereotypes of materialists limit their employment opportunities."


November 15, 2017: Ashish Mehta (SPA, SFSU): "Characterizing distraction as an emotion regulation strategy."


November 22, 2017: No Meeting: Fall Recess


November 29, 2017: School Psychology Job Talk: 12:00-1:30pm, EP 304


December 6, 2017: School Psychology Job Talk: 12:00-1:30pm, EP 304


Spring 2017 (January to May)

January 25, 2017: Cameron Hecht (Social/Personality, University of Wisconsin-Madison): "Promoting interest and performance in science: The importance of values"


February 1, 2017: Ashish Mehta (Social, SFSU): "Emotion regulation choice: Indian vs. U.S. populations"


February 8, 2017: No Meeting (Extended Faculty Meeting)


February 15, 2017: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU): "The primary function of consciousness in the nervous system: A new synthesis."


February 22, 2017: Department Colloquium: Michael Spivey, Ph.D. (UC Merced), 12:00-1:30pm, LIB 121


March 1, 2017: Tiffany Jantz (Cognition/Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Michigan): "Failing to forget: Age-related deficits in top-down control of working memory contents"


March 8, 2017: No brownbag


March 15, 2017: Gerald Young (Social, SFSU): "Emotion regulation choice: The role of environmental affordances."


March 22, 2017: No Meeting (Spring Break)


March 29, 2017: Sarah J. Barber, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Interventions to reduce stereotype threat in older adults."


April 5, 2017: Luciano Sagastume (MBB, SFSU): "'Think like a man': Information search after manhood threat."


April 12, 2017: Department Colloquium: James Gross, Ph.D. (Stanford University), 12:00-1:30pm, LIB 121


April 19, 2017: Arnrow Domingo (Social, SFSU): "Psychological inertia."


April 26, 2017: Annecy Majoros (Social, SFSU): "Can you tell I'm disgusted? Look at how I talk: An examination of evolutionary functions of disgust in language."


May 3, 2017: Alyssa Wicker (Social, SFSU): "The influence of appraisal on motivated action."


May 10, 2017: Lena Ryoo (Developmental, SFSU): "Regulation of recurrent emotion in the aftermath of a lost election."


Fall 2016 (September to December)

August 24, 2016: Informal Meeting/Introduction to Format


August 31, 2016: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Why most people believe that the bilingual advantages in executive functioning exist, but are probably wrong."


September 7, 2016: Gerald Young (Social, SFSU): "Can depressive rumination be constructive? Exploring the role of culture in predicting the consequences of depressive rumination."


September 14, 2016: Chris Sanders (MBB, SFSU): "Exploring the mechanisms of authentic happiness: Longitudinal well-being through a three-dimensional lens."


September 21, 2016: Gaurav R. Suri, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "A connectionist framework for motivated behavior."


September 28, 2016: No Meeting (Room Unavailable)


October 5, 2016: Erica B. Walker (MBB, SFSU): "Involuntary high-level cognitions and attentional processing through external control: Implications for consciousness."


October 12, 2016: Catherine Kircos (MBB, SFSU): "Loneliness in the 21st century: Utilizing smartphone technology to detect perceived social isolation."


October 19, 2015: Andre Oliver, Ghila Andemeskel, Erica Hill, & Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Africana studies may be protective against the negative effects of stereotype threat on affective aspects of Black identity”


October 26, 2016: Department Colloquium (12-1:30pm, LIB 121): Phillip Shaver, Ph.D. (UC Davis)


November 2, 2016: Roundtable Discussion: The Ph.D. Application Process


November 9, 2016: Nick Yeh (MBB, SFSU): "Staying cool when things get hot: Emotion regulation and memory."


November 16, 2016: Donish Cushing (MBB, SFSU): "Involuntary spatial reasoning: implications of a novel application of the reflexive imagery task"


November 23, 2016: No Meeting (Fall Recess)


November 30, 2016: Department Colloquium (12-1:30pm, LIB 121): Srikantan Nagarajan, Ph.D. (UCSF)


December 7, 2016: I/O Job Talk (12-1:30pm, EP 304)


December 14, 2016: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "A curious case of construct validity: How the Bem Sex Role Inventory may have measured extraversion and agreeableness--not gender roles--for 40 years."


Spring 2016 (January to May)

January 27, 2016: No Meeting (SPSP Conference)


February 3, 2016: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Two-dimensional additive prediction: A new technique for exploring the combination of dual main effects."


February 10, 2016: Sarah J. Barber, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Applications of the multi-threat framework to age-based stereotype threat."


February 17, 2016: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Does language switching improve general task switching?"


February 24, 2016: Department Colloquium: Frank C. Worrell, Ph.D. (Cognition and Development, UC Berkeley): 12-1:30pm, location: EP 304


March 2, 2016: Zaviera B. Reyes (Social, SFSU): "Testing resilience: Impacts of self-talk on performance and well-being in students."


March 9, 2016: Ella Tarnate (MBB, SFSU): "When in Rome: A person-situation approach to understanding personality, savoring, and well-being."


March 16, 2016: Sara Lieber (Social, SFSU): "Applying cultural psychology to intercultural relations."


March 23, 2015: No Meeting (Spring Break)


March 30, 2016: Department Colloquium: Greg Walton Ph.D. (Social, Stanford University): 12-1:30pm, location: EP 304


April 6, 2016: Kristina Pfeifer (MBB, SFSU): "Associative processing within creative individuals: An electrophysiological approach."


April 13, 2016: Pooya Razavi (Social, SFSU): "Loneliness and expression of emotions: The role of negative attitudes towards expressivity."


April 20, 2016: Mercedes D. Pearson (Social, SFSU): "This road is closed: Self-to-ingroup comparison is probably not the mechanism of manhood threat."


April 27, 2016: Jill Nagy (Social, SFSU): "To be or not to be seen: Moral identity dimensions predict European-Americans' racial/ethnic prejudice."


May 4, 2016: Callan Lujan (MBB, SFSU): "Post-traumatic stress disorder: An electrophysiological approach"


May 11, 2016: Dayana Aghaie (Social, SFSU): "'Do ask, do tell?' The (anticipated) effects of stereotype suppression on heterosexual participants' social distance toward gay targets"


Fall 2015 (August to December)

August 26, 2015: Informational Meeting/Open Science Discussion (roundtable discussion)


September 2, 2015: Alen Tersakyan (MBB, SFSU): "Distinction between wanting and liking measured by EEG"


September 9, 2015: Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "How do happy people spend their money? I have no idea."


September 16, 2015: Open Science Discussion: Part 2: The Findings (roundtable discussion)


September 23, 2015: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "An intersection of U.S. ethnicity and social class through the lens of social attributions."


September 30, 2015: Kristine Tom (MBB, SFSU): "Purchases and positive emotions: A physiological approach"


October 7, 2015: Kristina Pfeifer (MBB, SFSU): "How do people think creatively?"


October 14, 2015: The Ph.D. Application Process (roundtable discussion)


October 21, 2015: Laurel Somers (Social, SFSU): "Thinking queerly: An intersectional approach to evaluations of sexual identity and gender presentation."


October 28, 2015: Department Colloquium: Eric Walle, Ph.D. (Developmental, UC Merced): 12-1:30pm, LIB 121


November 4, 2015: Chris Sanders (MBB, SFSU): "Why don't people take good advice? The missing component of habit formation."


November 11, 2015: No Meeting (Campus Closed in observance of Veteran's Day)


November 18, 2015: Department Colloquium: Virginia Sturm, Ph.D. (Clinical, UCSF): 12-1:30pm, LIB 121


November 25, 2015: No Meeting (Fall Recess)


December 2, 2015: Social Psychology Job Talk: 12-1:30pm (EP 304)


December 9, 2015: Social Psychology Job Talk: 12-1:30pm (EP 304)


Spring 2015 (January to May)

January 28, 2015: Ella Tarnate (MBB, SFSU) and Jordan McDaniel (MBB, SFSU): "Brief mindfulness meditation training: Implications to stereotype threat and well-being"


February 4, 2015: Elizabeth D. Stoddard (Social, SFSU): "Personality and motivational factors predict academic performance more strongly than ingroup gender attitudes"


February 11, 2015: Kevin J. Eschleman, Ph.D. (I/O, SFSU): "Matching job recovery strategies to occupation type"


February 18, 2015: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Type III and IV errors: Statistical decision-making considerations in addition to rejecting or retaining the null hypothesis."


February 25, 2015: No Meeting [SPSP Conference]


March 4, 2015: Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Stereotype threat from A to Z."


March 11, 2015: Trevor Jackson (MBB, SFSU): "The effects of self-selected, emotionally valenced music on EEG and pain modulation."


March 18, 2015: Department Colloquium: Nicolas Davidenko, Ph.D. (Cognitive, UC Santa Cruz) [Time: 12-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


March 25, 2015: No Meeting [Spring Break]


April 1, 2015: Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Who's that guy? Predicting the characteristics of people on the off-diagonal."


April 8, 2015: Sierra Niblett (MBB, SFSU): "Your brain on stereotypes: Social context biases early cortical attention."


April 15, 2015: Masha Ksendzova (MBB, SFSU): "Do happy people need less? Income allocation, well-being, and categorizing what is essential."


April 22, 2015: Jill Nagy (Social, SFSU): "Moral identity and prejudice."


April 29, 2015: Amanda Ng (MBB, SFSU): "Resting state EEG in individuals with low and high generalized anxiety disorder symptoms."


May 6, 2015: Sara Lieber (Social, SFSU): "Culture, ideal affect, and personality."


May 13, 2015: Department Colloquium: Serena Chen, Ph.D. (Social, UC Berkeley) [Time: 12-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


Fall 2014 (August to December)

August 27, 2014: Informational Meeting / Introduction to the Series


September 3, 2014: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The importance of behavioral data in cognitive neuroscience: Bilinguals do not adapt better to conflict" (Part 1)


September 10, 2014: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The importance of behavioral data in cognitive neuroscience: Bilinguals do not adapt better to conflict" (Part 2)


September 17, 2014: Michael Mathieu (I/O, SFSU) & Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D. (I/O, SFSU): "Creating a recovery filled weekend"


September 24, 2014: Roundtable Discussion: "The Ph.D. Process"


October 1, 2014: Andre Oliver (MBB, SFSU): "Ironic activation: Attention bias to race during person perception"


October 8, 2014: Tyler Allen (MBB, SFSU): "Explaining choice in experiential product vs. experiential purchases"


October 15, 2014: Department Colloquium: Michael Merzenich, Ph.D. (Neuroscience, UCSF): "The science of brain plasticity" [Time: 12:00-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


October 22, 2014: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU): "The interdependence between conscious and unconscious processes in the brain"


October 29, 2014: Matthew Killingsworth, Ph.D. (Social, UC Berkeley): "Happiness in everyday life"


November 5, 2014: Lea Folsom (Social, SFSU): "The name game: Exploring the effects of gendered names on gender evaluations"


November 12, 2014: Hyein Cho (MBB, SFSU) & Sabrina Bhangal (MBB, SFSU): "Reflexive imagery task: Involuntary cognitions and implications for clinical psychology"


November 19, 2014: Department Colloquium: Joy Geng, Ph.D. (Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis) [Time: 12:00-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


November 26, 2014: [No meeting - Fall Recess]


December 3, 2014: Clinical Psychology Job Candidate [Time: 12:00-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


December 10, 2014: Clinical Psychology Job Candidate [Time: 12:00-1:30pm, Location: EP 304]


Spring 2014 (January to May)

January 29, 2014: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Practicing the ANT version of the flanker task (up to 20,800 trials):  Are the effects stable, robust, reliable, and transferable?"


February 5, 2014: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Ovulation and relationship status do not jointly predict religiosity or political behavior: A case of Type IV error in Durante, Rae, and Griskivicius (2013)."


February 12, 2014: No meeting (SPSP Conference)


February 19, 2014: The Ph.D. Interview (roundtable discussion)


Feburary 26, 2014: Masha Ksendzova, Dylan Ban, Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., and Ryan Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Distancing from self: The influence of categorization specificity on connectedness with nature."


March 5, 2014: Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D. (I/O, SFSU): "Why do you treat me so badly? The effects of perceived intent on employee responses to workplace aggression."


March 12, 2014: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D., & Cris Youssef, M.A. (Social, SFSU): "Binary and non-binary identities on the transgender spectrum: Evidence that cisgender perceivers are less tolerant of the non-binary identities."


March 19, 2014: Department Colloquium: Benjamin C. Storm, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Cruz). Time: 12-1:30pm. Location: EP 304


March 26, 2014: No meeting (Spring Break)


April 2, 2014: Daniel J. Lehr (Social, SFSU): "The evil that men do: Threats to manhood increase unethical decision-making."


April 9, 2014: Michelle L. Manning (Social, SFSU): "Gendered occupations and career pursuit correlates: Exploring the contributions of self- and other-directed attitudes for women."


April 16, 2014: Jordan Seliger, Jordan McDaniel, and Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "'One of us': How changing one's phenotype to appear more White affects racial categorization"


April 23, 2014: Jessica Lam & Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D. (I/O, SFSU): "The effects of mindfulness on recovery from work"


April 30, 2014: Department Colloquium: Eve A. Isham, Ph.D. (University of California, Davis). Time: 12-1:30pm. Location: EP 304.


May 7, 2014: Lara Krisst (MBB, SFSU): "Revisiting Libet's paradigm: Neural correlates of response uncertainty"


May 14, 2014: Ann Harter (MBB, SFSU): "The need for aesthetics: Measuring intrinsic motivation toward the arts"


Fall 2013 (September to December)

August 28, 2013: Informational Meeting / Introduction to the Series


September 4, 2013: Masha Ksendzova (MBB, SFSU): "Death and shopping: A re-inquiry into the link between mortality salience and material consumption"


September 11, 2013: Andrew C. Garcia (MBB, SFSU): "Can you dig it?: Information flow during rule-selective retrieval of contextual memory representations"


September 18, 2013: Ken Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU) and Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The bad and the worst: Ignoble outcomes of the peer-review process"


September 25, 2013: Department Colloquium: David Nolley, Ph.D. Time & Location: 12-1:30pm, EP 304


October 2, 2013: Ann Harter (MBB, SFSU): "Worth the struggle: A new perspective on improving well-being"


October 9, 2013: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (MBB/Social, SFSU): "Homing in on consciousness in the brain: New robust experimental paradigms"


October 16, 2013: Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D. (I/O, SFSU): "The jingle-jangle jungle of personality: An example of the jingle-jangle fallacy within industrial/organizational and social/personality psychology"


October 23, 2013: Department Colloquium: Joaquin Anguera, Ph.D (University of California, San Francisco). Time & Location: 12-1:30pm EP 304


October 30, 2013: Matthew Kleckner (Social, SFSU): "Essentially conservative: Essentialist language in the 2012 U.S. federal elections"


November 6, 2013: Daniel J. Lehr (Social, SFSU): "The risking man: Threats to manhood increase unethical decision-making"


November 13, 2013: William Krenzer, Sierra Niblett, Mark W. Geisler, Ph.D., & Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "When an educated Black man becomes lighter in the mind's eye: A social cognitive neuroscience framework for investigating race categorization."


November 20, 2013: Christina Merrick, Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D., & Mark W. Geisler, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The olfactory system as the gateway to the neural correlates of consciousness"


November 27, 2013: [No Meeting - Fall Recess]


December 4, 2013: Aging Populations Job Talk. Time & Location: 12-1:30pm, EP 304


December 11, 2013: Aging Populations Job Talk. Time & Location: 12-1:30pm, EP 304


Spring 2013 (January to May)

January 30, 2013: James McGraw (MBB, SFSU): "Temporal Construal and Consumer Choice: Weighted Central Features Influence on Purchasing Decisions"


February 6, 2013: Kevin Eschleman, Ph.D. (Industrial/Organizational, SFSU): "Recovering from Work"


February 13, 2013: Department Colloquium: Sheldon Zedeck, Ph.D. (Industrial/Organizational, University of California, Berkeley). Colloquium held in EP 304 from 12-1:30pm.


February 20, 2013: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "An Interesting Tale of Social Distance: When Outgroup Members are Preferred over Ingroup Members"


February 27, 2013: Department Colloquium: Judy Pa, Ph.D. (Cognitive Neuroscience, University of California, San Francisco). Colloquium held in EP 304 from 12-1:30pm.


March 6, 2013: Graham Hill (MBB, SFSU): "Spending Well: The Influence of Values on Pro-Social Spending and Well-Being"


March 13, 2013: Benjamin J. Levy, Ph.D. (Cognitive, University of San Francisco): "A Common Neural System Mediates Reflexive Attention Capture by both Percepts and Unwanted Memories"


March 20, 2013: Scott Ewing (Clinical/MBB, SFSU): "Potential Models for Substance Use: the Roles of Executive Functioning and Emotion Dysregulation"


April 3, 2013: Amy H. Sanchez, M.A., & Masha Ksendzova (MBB, SFSU): "Do Compulsive Buyers Spend Experientially?"


April 10, 2013: Daniel J. Lehr (Social, SFSU): "Manhood at the Expense of Morality? Do Threats to Manhood Alter Ethical Decision Making?"


April 17, 2013: Chana Feinstein (Social, SFSU): "A Self-Kindness Intervention for Stereotype Threat"


April 24, 2013: Ann Harter (MBB, SFSU): "The Need for Aesthetics: Measuring a New Construct"


May 1, 2013: Christina Merrick (MBB, SFSU): "The Effects of Unintended Action-Sets on Mental Imagery"


May 8, 2013: Ghislaine C. Atkins (Social, SFSU): "The Irony of Satire: Racial Satire Increases Racial Prejudice"


May 15, 2013: Darwin Guevarra (MBB, SFSU): "Buying Happiness: Differential Consumption Experiences for Material and Experiential Purchases"


Fall 2012 (September to December)

August 29, 2012: Informational Meeting


September 5, 2012: Sierra Niblett (MBB, SFSU): "A Woman by any Other Name: Gender Categorization versus Individuation in Person Perception"


September 12, 2012: Penny Bhathal (MBB, SFSU): "Lay-conceptions about Well-Being and Consumption Values"


September 19, 2012: Department Colloquium: Bruce Bridgeman, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz. 12-1:30pm in EP 304.


September 26, 2012: Elizabeth Scharnetzki (MBB, SFSU): "Perceptions of Women as a Social Minority: Will Status Override Base Rates?"


October 3, 2012: Matthew Kleckner (Social, SFSU): "Avenues for Essentialism Research in a Political Context"


October 10, 2012: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "What should You do When Your Conclusion is Contradicted by the Worst Article Ever Published in a Peer-Reviewed Journal?"


October 17, 2012: Sara Michelle Mansoori-Rostam (Social, SFSU): "Managing Conflicting Identities: Choosing One's Own Adventure at the Intersection of Cultural and Queer Identities"


October 24, 2012: Masha Ksendzova & Grant Donnelly (MBB, SFSU): "The Pain of Knowing: An Application of Escape Theory to the Materialistic Pursuit of Happiness"


October 31, 2012: Aekyoung Kim (MBB, SFSU): "Influence of Ego Depletion while Seeking Happiness on Consumer Choices"


November 7, 2012: Department Colloquium: Victoria Plaut, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. 12-1:30pm in EP 304.


November 14, 2012: Ghislaine C. Atkins (Social, SFSU): "Online Interracial Interactions using Non-verbal Communication"


November 28, 2012: Lindsey M. Lavaysse (Clinical, SFSU): "Motivation: Due to You, Your Environment, or Both?"


December 5, 2012: Sarah Noyes (Social, SFSU): "The Role of Emotion Recognition in Romantic Relationship Outcomes"


December 12, 2012: Developmental Psychology Job Candidate Talk, 12-1:30pm in EP 304


Spring 2012 (January to May)


January 25, 2012: No meeting (Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference)


February 1, 2012: Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "On-line Data Collection in the 20-Teens and Beyond"


Feburary 8, 2012: Sara Michelle Monsoori-Rostam (Social, SFSU): "Peeking into the Opaque Process of Attitude Change: The Case of Education and LGBT Attitudes"


February 15 & February 22, 2012: No meetings (Industrial-Organizational Psychology Faculty Candidates: Job Talks, 12-1:30pm in EP 304)


February 29, 2012: Graham Hill (MBB, SFSU): "Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Consumer Items"


March 7, 2012: Department Colloquium, Rex A. Wright, Ph.D. (University of North Texas), 12-1:30pm EP 304


March 14, 2012: Cris Youssef (Social, SFSU): "Is Everything in (Statistical) Moderation a Good Thing?"


March 28, 2012: Cristina Gatti (Social, SFSU): "Emotion Experience in Social Context"


April 4, 2012: Ghislaine C. Atkins (Social, SFSU): "Interracial Interactions in a Computer-Mediated Setting: Does Online Anonymity Lower Anxiety in Different Race Dyads?"


April 11, 2012: Darwin Guevarra (COR, SFSU): "The Grey Area Between Purchase Types: the iPad Problem"


April 18, 2012: Lindsay Brent (Social, SFSU): "Re-examining the Role of Gender Dimensions for Self-Esteem: The Importance of Gender Typicality for Adults"


April 25, 2012: Eric D. Splan (MBB, SFSU): "When the Young Walk in Elderly Shoes: Embodiment, Perspective-Taking, and Social Distance"


May 2, 2012: Brandi Gilbert (Social, SFSU): "Nonverbal Behavior and Bullying Victimization"


May 9, 2012: Department Colloquium, Travis L. Seymour, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Cruz), 12-1:30pm EP 304


Fall 2011 (September to December)

August 24, 2011: Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "How Do We Measure a Current Desire for Experiential Consumption?"


August 31, 2011: Department Colloquium: Daniel Cervone, Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Chicago). 12-1:30pm EP 304


September 7, 2011: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Maternalistic Sexism toward Men Predicts Contempt Perception on Faces over Stigma Consciousness"


September 14, 2011: Christine Godwin (MBB, SFSU): "The History of a Thought: Introspection-based 'Psychic Determinants' of Spontaneous Thought"


September 21, 2011: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU): "The Six Riddles Faced by an 'Action and Consciousness' Lab" (Part 1)


September 28, 2011: Kerry Cunningham (Industrial/Organizational, SFSU): "Set In Their (Happier) Ways"


October 5, 2011: Grant Donnelly (MBB, SFSU): "Money Management: The Mediating Affect on the Materialism-Compulsive Buying Link"


October 12, 2011: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU): "The Six Riddles Faced by an 'Action and Consciousness' Lab" (Part 2)


October 19, 2011: Brandi Gilbert (Social, SFSU): "The Nonverbal Component of Bullying Victimization"


October 26, 2011: Tiffany Jantz (MBB, SFSU): "What Was I Saying? External Distractors Interfere with Speech Plans in Working Memory"


November 2, 2011: Amy H. Sanchez (MBB, SFSU): "Emotion Dysregulation in Schizophrenia: Evidence from Daily Life"


November 9, 2011: Heather Smith, Ph.D. (Social, Sonoma State University): "What does Relative Deprivation Predict? A Meta-Analytic Critique"


November 16, 2011: Pat Boyd (Social, SFSU): "Mental Simulations of Mortality: Taking (some of) the Terror out of Terror Management"


December 7, 2011: Gina Pippin (Social, SFSU): "Disambiguating Class and Racial Attitudes"


Spring 2011 (January to May)

[No meetings in January]


February 16, 2011: Introduction to the Social/MBB Brownbag (led by Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.)


February 23, 2011: Ryan Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Measuring Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Spending in

Daily Life: Assessment and Data Analytic Concerns"


[No meetings in March - Clinical Job Talks]


April 13, 2011: Alena Mizerany (Social, SFSU): "Creating a Motivations for Motherhood Scale"


April 20, 2011: Brian Simpson (Social, SFSU): "Using Emotions Functionally in Goal Pursuit"


April 27, 2011: Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Flirting with Threat: Social Identity and the Perils of Violating Gender Prescriptions"


May 4, 2011: Jay N. Ledbetter (Social, SFSU): "Unpacking the Gender Checkbox: Measuring the Felt Sense of Gender Identity for Transgender and Cisgender Persons"


May 11, 2011: Kenneth R. Paap, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingualism: An Update"


Fall 2010 (September to December)


September 16, 2010: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Correlates of Cisgender Identity in Adulthood"


September 23, 2010: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU): "Anthroposexual Attraction Theory"


September 30, 2010: Ryan Howell, Ph.D. (MBB, SFSU): "Creating a Self-Regulation Index"


October 7, 2010: Tara C. Dennehy (MBB, SFSU): "Boys in pink and girls in blue: Risk-taking in a gain frame" & Patricia Gums (MBB, SFSU): "Emotional experience while watching films"


October 14, 2010: Katherine Sorensen (MBB, SFSU): "Ambivalent Sexism and Perceptions of Anger vs. Contempt on the Face"


October 21, 2010: Grant Donnelly (MBB, SFSU): "Financial Responsibility and Awareness: The Benefits of Financial Self Monitoring" & Paulina Pchelin (MBB, SFSU): "The Impact of Chronic Depletion on Buying Behavior"


October 28, 2010: Yovanni Antonelli (Social, SFSU): "Does Well-Being Enhancement Alter the Impact Bias in Affective Forecasting?"


November 4, 2010: Cris Youssef (Social, SFSU): "Correlates of Heterosexual Prejudice against Trans Persons" & Jevan Pradas (MBB, SFSU): "The Natural Living Test"


November 18, 2010: Tara C. Dennehy (MBB, SFSU): "Nisbett and Wilson (1977) Revisited: The Little that We Can Know and Can Tell"


December 9, 2010: Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU): "Consciousness: Facts, Fictions, and Functions"


Spring 2010 (April to May) {Titles unavailable}


April 14, 2010: Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (Social, SFSU)


April 21, 2010: Ryan Howell, Ph.D., (MBB, SFSU)


April 28, 2010: Maggie Lynn (MBB, SFSU)


May 5, 2010: Tara Dennehy (MBB, SFSU) & Maggie Lynn (MBB, SFSU)


May 12, 2010: Wren Gould (MBB, SFSU) & Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Social/MBB, SFSU)