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Born in San Francisco, and raised locally in Marin County, California, Joshua Horowitz earned a Ph.D. in History at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in September 2014, a M.A. in Humanities, 2008, an M.S. in Education, 2003, and a Teaching Credential in Social Sciences, 2000, from Dominican University of California.  Currently, he is a Lecturer in History at San Francisco State University. From his dissertation, "Nakona Wasnonya Yuhabi/Assiniboine Knowledge Keepers: Indigenous Archiving from the 19th into the 21st Centuries,” he has published an article titled “Tatanga Ishtima hinkna Iyá Waká: Sleeping Buffalo and Medicine Rock and Nakona Dislocation and Persistence.” In Native American and Indigenous Studies, Vol. 5., No .2, (2018). and is currently working on several book projects. His next project focuses on local sacred sites, material culture, and multiculturalism in the San Francisco Bay Area.