Professional Service



2009-present                       Coordinator, Gerontology Program

2016-present                       Faculty Advisor, Gerontology Alumni Affinity Group Subcommittee

2009-present                       Chair and Member, Gerontology Scholarship Committee

2009-2016                          Faculty Advisor, Gerontology-Social Work Alumni Affinity Group

2000-2002                          Faculty Liaison, Laguna Honda Program

2000-2005                          Faculty Liaison, CAHSA Off-Site Program

2000-2002                          Faculty Liaison, SFSC Apprentice Program

2000-2005                          Faculty Liaison, UCSF Post-Baccalaureate Program

1997-present                       Faculty Advisor, Student Chapter of the Gerontological Society of America

1996-1998                          Director, Gerontology Program

                                           Coordinator, Graduate Program

1996-present                      Faculty Advisor, Student Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators

1995-1996                         Chair and Member, GRN Leave-With-Pay Committee

                                          Chair and Member, GRN Search Committee

1995-present                     Member, GRN Curriculum Committee

1995-present                     Member, GRN Admissions Committee

1995-present                     Director, Long-Term Care Administration

1992-1993                        Coordinator, HED Department Alumni Surveys

1990‑1993                        Member, HED Graduate Committee

1990‑1991                        Member, HED Leave‑With‑Pay Committee



2016-2017                          Chair, CHSS Search Committee for PACE-GRN Program

2015-2016                          Co-Chair, CHSS Search Committee for Dean

2009-2011                          Co-Chair, CHHS Leave-With-Pay Committee

2006-2011                          Member, CHHS Graduate Program Assessment Committee

2002-2006                          Member, CHHS Research and Professional Development Committee

2002-2005                          Member, CHHS Leave-with-Pay Committee

2001-2006                          Member, CHHS-Eldercare Alliance Committee

1996-1998                          Member, CHHS Council

1996-1997                          Member, CHHS Strategic Planning Committee

1996-1997                          Member, CHHS Search Committee for Director of Instructional Technology

1995-1997                          Member, CHHS Leave-With-Pay Committee

1994                                    Member, CHHS Governance Committee

1992                                    Representative, Project DELTA

1992-1996                          Director, Health, Mobility and Safety Laboratory

1991-1993                          Member, Academic Senate (School of HPER-LS Represen­tative)

1991-1994                          Member, HPER-LS Computer Lab Committee

1991&1993                        Faculty Marshal, June Commencement

1990‑1994                          Member, HPER-LS Center for Health Promotion

                                           Chair, Publications Com­mittee



2021-2022                          Member, SFSU Search Committee for VP of Academic Affairs & University Provost

2020-present                       Member, University Budget Committee

2020-present                       Member, SFSU Enrollment Management Committee

2020-2022                          Member, SFSU Faculty and Staff Awards Committee

2020-2022                          Member, SFSU Honorary Degrees Committee

2020-present                       Member, SFSU University Advancement Activities Committee

2020-2021                          Member, SFSU Search Committee for VP of Administration and Finance & CFO

2019-2020                          Member, SFSU Search Committee for VP of University Advancement

2016-2019                          Member, SFSU BOLD Thinking Capital Campaign Cabinet

2015-2016                          Member, SFSU Search Committee for Advancement

2014-2017                          Member, University Budget Committee

2013                                    Member, SFSU ORSP Auxiliary Review Committee

2012-2013                          Member, SFSU Search Committee for VP Administration & Finance

2011-2013                          Member, SFSU Honorary Degrees Committee

2011-2013                          Member, SFSU University Advancement Activities Committee

2006-2007                          Co-Interim Director, Ed.D. In Educational Leadership

2006-2007                          Member, Search Committee for Biology Health Equity Faculty

2005-2009                          Member, Task Force on Independent Doctor of Education Degree

2005-2006                          Member, Search Committee for Director of Health Equity Initiatives

2005                                    Faculty Marshal, SFSU Commencement

2004-2009                          Member, Gerontology Interdisciplinary Faculty Council (GIFC)

2004-present                       Member, SFSU Academic Senate

2004-present                       Member, SFSU Academic Senate Executive Committee

2004                                    Faculty Marshal, SFSU Commencement

2004-2005                          President, Board of Directors, University Club

2003                                    Faculty Marshal, SFSU Commencement

2003-2005                          Member, All-University Enrollment Management Committee

2003-2005                          Chair, All-University Enrollment Management Committee

2003-2005                          Member, Presidential Enrollment Management Advisory Group

2003-2004                          Member, Administrative Search Committee for Dean of Graduate Studies

2002-2006                          Faculty Sponsor, California Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program

2001                                    Member, Retention Committee, Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies

2001                                    Member, Hiring Committee, Holistic Health

2001-2003                          Member, SFSU University Sabbatical Committee

2000-2002                          Member, SFSU University Promotions Committee

1998-2002                          Coordinator, SFSU Commencement Faculty Marshals

1998-2002                          Member, SFSU Advancement Committee

1997-1998                          Member, Academic Senate Executive Committee (EXCOMM)

1997-1998                          Chair and Member, Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC)

1995-1996                          Member, Review Team for reorganization of Graduate Division and Office of Research                                             and Sponsored Programs

1995-1998                          Chair and Member, Graduate Council (Academic Senate Representative)

1995-1997                          Member, Retention Committee, Women's Studies

1995-2001                          Member, Community Service Learning Steering Committee

1994                                    Chair, Student Grievance Committee

1993-2000                          Member, Academic Senate (Senator-At-Large)

1993-1997                          Member, Academic Policies Committee (APC)

1992-1993                          Member, President's Task Force on Grants & Contracts Management

1991-2006                          Coordinator, CSU/SFSU Annual Student Research Competition

                                           Area Coordinator, Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences

1991-1993                          Member, Graduate Council (EPC Representative)

1991-1998                          Member, Educational Policies Committee (EPC)

1991-1993                          Member, Curriculum Review and Approval Committee (CRAC)

1991-1993                          Member, Academic Senate

1991-1993                          Member, CSU Teacher/Scholar Faculty Summer Institute

1991-1996                          Chair and Member, Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS)

1990-1995                          Member, University Women's Club (UWC)

1990‑present                       President, SFSU Chapter of Sigma Xi (the scientific research society)

1990‑1995                          Member, Gerontology Faculty Council (GFC)

1990-1995                          Member, CSU-TechNet

1990-2000                          Member, Chinese American Faculty Association (CAFA)



2020-2021                           Member, CSU System Budget Advisory Committee

2020-2021                           Member, CSU Honorary Degrees Committee

2019-2021                           Member, Intersegmental Council of Academic Senates (ICAS)

2019-2021                           Member, Academic Senate CSU Executive Committee

2017-2019                          Chair and Member, Academic Senate CSU Academic Affairs Committee

2017-2020                          Chair and Member, CSU Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award Selection Committee

2015-2017                          Member, CSU Sustainability- Campus as Living Lab Committee

2015-2017                          Member, CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board

2015-2016                          Member, CSU Academic Conference Implementation Committee

2015-2016                          Member, CSU Search Committee for Associate Vice Chancellor Research Initiatives and                                             Partnerships

2014-2015                          Member, CSU Search Committee for Vice Chancellor Human Resources

2013-2014                          Member, CSU Search Committee for General Counsel

2009-2010                          Member, CSU Director for Pre-Doctoral Programs Search Committee

2008-2009                          Member, CSU Director for Institute for Teaching and Learning Search Committee

2008-2009                          Member. CSU Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search Committee

2008-2010                          Member, CSU Health Professions Pathways

2008-2009                          Member, CSU Proficiency in the First Year at the University

2008-2009                          Member, CSU Formative Review for Faculty Scholarship of Community Engagement

2007-2008                          Member, Intersegmental Council of Academic Senates (ICAS)

2007-2011                          Member, CSU-UC Joint Board on Graduate Education

2007-2011                          Chair and Member, CSU Doctorate of Education Advisory Committee

2007-2008                          Member, Academic Senate CSU Executive Committee

2006-2008                          Member, CSU Campus Peer Review Team

2006-2011                          Chair and Member, CSU EdD Faculty Consultation Group

2005-2006                          Member, CSU Task Force on Independent Doctor of Education Degree

2004-present                       Member, Academic Senate CSU

2004-2006                          Chair and Member, Academic Senate CSU Academic Affairs Committee

2005-2006                          Member, Chancellor’s General Education Advisory Council

2005-2006                          Member, CSU Lower Division Transfer Pattern

2004-2005                          Member, CSU Student Research Competition Committee

2004-2005                          Member, CSU Student Health Services Committee

2000-2002                          Member, CSU Channel Islands University Planning Council

1999-2000                          Member, Academic Senate CSU

1999-2000                          Member, Academic Senate CSU Academic Affairs Committee

1999-2000                          Member, Academic Senate CSU Academic Affairs Sub-Committee on Community                                                        Service and Service Learning

1999-2002                          Member, CSU Financial Aid Advisory Council (FAAC)


Community Level:

2019-present                       Gerontological Society of America: Member, Public Policy Committee                           

2015-2016                          Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Program Committee: Chair for 2015 Annual                                                Scientific Conference                                            

2014-2019                          U.S. Office on Minority Health, Region IX Regional Health Equity Council

2011-2015                          U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Member,                                                                                             Advisory Panel on Outreach and Education

2007-2010                          Journal of the National Medical Association:  Manuscript                                                                                               Reviewer

2003-2005                          DHHS-UCLA Heart Truth Campaign:  Member, Professional                                                                                         Education and Dissemination Advisory Panels

2003-2010                          Smart Silvers Alliance:  Member, Board of Directors

2003-present                       California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform:  Member, Board                                                                                  of Directors

2003-2010                          City College of San Francisco:  Guest Speaker, Health and Aging 

2002-2010                          U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:  Member/Chair,                                                                                   Minority Women’s Health Panel of Experts; Chair, Professional                                                                                     Development Subcommittee

2002-2005                          Hayes Valley Care and Pacific Institute:  Guest Speaker, Healthy                                                                                   Aging

2001-2005                          American Association for Health Education:  Member, AAHE                                                                                       Multicultural Involvement Committee

2001-2003                          Planning for Elders in the Central City:  Member, Board of                                                                                             Directors; Member, Research and Evaluation Committee

2001-2003                          Marin County Chapter of the Retired Officers Association: Guest                                                                                   Speaker, Driver Safety and Health Promotion for Older Adults

2000-2003                          Marin Commission on Aging:  Guest Speaker, Driver Safety and                                                                                   Health Promotion for Older Adults

2000-2010                          Association for Gerontology in Higher Education: Member,                                                                                           Membership Committee; Member, Nominations Committee,                                                                                           Member, Program Committee, Member, Publications Committee;                                                                                  Member, Site Selection Committee

2000-2010                          Gerontological Society of America:  Co-Chair, Program Committee; Chair, Membership                                             Committee; Member, Task Force on Women; Chair, Local Arrangements Committee;                                                   Chair, Task Force on Minority Issues in Gerontology; Member, Research, Education and                                             Practice Committee

2000-2002                          Laguna Honda Hospital:  RCFE Program

2000-2002                          California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging:  Off-Site Program

2000-2002                          San Francisco Senior Center:  Member, Advisory Council, Apprentice Program

2000-2005                          University of California, San Francisco:  Post-Baccalaureate Program

2000-2001                          American College of Health Care Administrators: Member, Professional Certification                                                   Committee; Faculty Advisor, SFSU Chapter of ACHCA

1999-2004                          National Institutes of Health (NIH): Member, Advisory Committee for Research on                                                     Women’s Health (ACRWH); Member, Task Force for the Conference on Recruitment,                                                 Retention, and Integrity of Clinical Studies:  Good Science and Reality

1999-2003                          University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): Faculty Liaison, CHAMPS Program

1999-2000                          Gerontological Society of America (GSA):  Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, 52nd                                             Annual Scientific Meeting; Member, Program Committee, 52nd Annual Scientific                                                         Meeting

1998-2003                          Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):  Member, Special Emphasis                                                     Panel on Translating Research into Practice (TRIP); Member, Special Emphasis on                                                       Health Research Dissemination Implementation (HRDI)

1998-2002                          San Francisco Senior Center (SFSC): Member, Board of Directors; Member, Technology                                             Committee

1998-2003                          National Institutes of Health (NIH): Member, Review Committee, and Research                                                            Enhancement Awards Program (REAP)

1998-2000                          National Commission on Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC): Member, Board of                                               Commissioners; Member, Technology Committee

1996-2010                          Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE):  Elected as Charter Fellow;                                               Member, Executive Board; Chair, Membership Committee; Associate Editor,                                                               AGHExchange; Member, Publications Committee; Member, Site Selection Committee;                                               Member, Program of Merit Review Committee

1996                                   National Institutes of Health (NIH): Member, Task Force for Office of Research on                                                       Women’s Health (ORWH)

1996                                    National Institutes of Health (NIH): Consultant, Office for Protection from Research                                                    Risks

1996-2005                          California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC): Member, Board of Institutional                                             Reviewers

1996-1998                          Transamerica Retirement Management Corporation:  Member, Curriculum and Program                                             Development Committee

1996-2000                          San Francisco Association of Residential Care Homes: Member, Curriculum and                                                         Program Development Committee

1996                                    CSU External Review: Member, Site Visit Review Team for B.S. In Health Science with                                              options in Health Care Management, Community Health, Orthotics and Prosthet­ics,                                                      Radiologic Technology, and Physician Assistant In the Department of Health Science In                                              the School of Health at California State University-Dominguez Hills

1995-2003                          Salem Lutheran Home: Member, Resident Care Committee

1995-1998                          Consortium for Learning and Research in Aging (CLARIA): Member, Board of                                                            Directors; Member, Program Development and Evaluation Committee; Member,                                                          Research Committee

1995-1999                          California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC): Member, Health Science                                                       Teacher Preparation and Assessment Advisory Panel

1995                                    AAHE-SOPHE Accreditation Review: Member, Site Visit Review Team for Health                                                      Promotion and Education Program in the Department of Public Health in the College of                                              Health and Human Performance at Oregon State University-Corvallis

1994-2010                          Journal of Gerontological Social Work: Member, Editorial Board and Manuscript                                                         Reviewer

1994                                    Elected as Fellow, Social Research, Policy and Practice Section, the Gerontological                                                      Society of America

1994-1995                          Selected for inclusion In Who's who among Asian Americans for community and                                                          professional accomplishments

1993-1998                          California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (CAHSA): Member,                                                          Education Advisory Board; Member, Search Committee for Director of Education

1993-2010                          American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA): Faculty Advisor, Student                                                 Chapter of ACHCA at San Francisco State University

1993-1995                          Asian American and Pacific Islander Journal of Health: Manuscript Reviewer

1993-1998                          The Gerontological Society of America: Manuscript reviewer, "Practice Concepts"                                                       section of The Gerontologist

1991-2003                          American Society on Aging: Member, Awards Committee; Member, Research                                                               Committee; Member, Working Group on Disability, Rehabilit­ation and Aging

1991-1995                          Barnard College: Director-At-Large, Board of Directors of the Associate Alumnae

1991-2000                          California State Automobile Association: Member, Mature Operators Program                                                             Committee

1991-1995                          Senior Coordinating Council of the Palo Alto Area: Member, Research Guidelines                                                        Committee

1991-1995                          University of California, Berkeley: Member, Transport Safety Forum

1991-1992                          Selected for inclusion in Who's Who of American Women (17th edition) for community                                                and professional accomplishments

1990‑1993                          Association for Gerontology in Higher Education: Member, Publications Committee

1990‑1995                          National Council on the Aging: Delegate‑At‑Large, Health Promotion Institute; Member,                                            Conference Committee; Member, Membership Committee

1990                                   Elected to membership In Sigma Xi (national honor society in research), Chapter at the                                               University of Texas Medical Branch

1990                                   Nominated to Board of Directors of Association for the Advancement of Health                                                           Education to represent community health education and promotion

1989‑1991                          Southern District American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and                                                     Dance: Texas Representative, Council on Adult Development and Aging Network                                                         Committee

1989‑1990                          Texas Department of Human Services: Member, Program Committee

1989-1990                          Veterans Administration Medical Center: Member, Rehabilitation Medicine Service                                                      Committee

1989                                    Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), National Commiss­ion for Health                                                             Education Credentialing

1989                                    Recipient of International Travel Award to XIV World Congress of Gerontology,                                                          Gerontological Society of America through the National Institute on Aging

1989                                    Selected for membership In Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

1988‑1995                          American Public Health Association: Member, Asian American Caucus; Member,                                                         Gerontological Health Sec­tion; Reviewer, Annual Program Abstracts

1988‑1990                          American Heart Association (Texas Affiliate): Member, Speaker's Bureau

1988-1990                          American Society of Allied Health Professions: Member, Texas Society of Allied Health                                              Professions

1987‑1989                          March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, Long Island Chapter: Member, Committee                                                 on Community Service

1987‑1988                           Northeastern Gerontological Society: Member, Aging and Technology Committee;                                                      Member, Education Committee

1987‑1988                          XIII World Conference on Health Education: Reviewer, Conference Program Abstracts;                                              Moderator, Conference Program Sessions

1986‑1995                          Gerontological Society of America: Reviewer, Social Research, Planning and Practice                                                  (SRPP) Annual Program Abstracts

1986‑2003                          American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD):                                               Member, Editorial Board and Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Health Education

1986‑1995                         Gerontological Society of America:  Member, Social Research, Planning and Practice                                                  Task Force on Minority Issues

1986‑1988                          New York State Association for Gerontological Educators:  Member, Executive Board;                                               Member, Membership Comm; Chair, Newsletter Comm; Member, Social Policy Comm

1986‑1987                          St. John's Queens Hospital: Member, Committee on Drug Education

1986                                   Recipient of the North American Congress Scholarship, Alcohol and Drug Abuse                                                         Problems Association

1985‑1988                           National Center on Health Education:  Reviewer, Current Resources, Health Link

1985‑1988                           New York State Federation for Professional Health Educators: Chair, Research                                                            Presentations/Workshops; Member, Annual Conference Planning Committee

1985‑1986                          Central Queens YMCA of Greater New York: Member, Committee on Health Education

1985‑1986                           Professional Staff Congress (PSC)/ CUNY Grants Program:  Reviewer, Health Sciences                                              Grant Proposals

1985‑1986                          Gerontological Society of America: Member, Executive Council; Chair, New                                                               Professional Section

1985                                   Awarded (declined) National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship for postdoctoral                                                     study, Elderly Care Research Center, Case Western Reserve University

1985                                   Invited to People's Republic of China, U.S.‑China Conference on Gerontology, People                                                to People Citizen Ambassador Program

1985                                    Recipient of the New Professional/Student Paper Award, Social Research, Planning and                                              Practice Section, Gerontological Society of America