Publications: Hsiao-Yun Chu



Glancey, Jonathan and Chu, Hsiao-Yun. Dymaxion Car: Buckminster Fuller. IvoryPress, 2010.

A detailed and fully-illustrated and history of the first three Dymaxion cars by R. Buckminster Fuller. Also shows the recent recreation of a Dymaxion car built according to the original plans by Foster & Partners, London.

Chu, Hsiao-Yun and Trujillo, Roberto. New Views on R. Buckminster Fuller, Stanford University Press, 2009.

This volume takes a critical, historical look at the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, tracing the impact of his work on architecture, design and society across the twentieth century.



R. Buckminster Fuller's Model of Nature: Its Role in His Design Process and the Presentation and Reception of His Work, University of Brighton, 2015. Advisors: Jonathan M. Woodham and Jyri Kermik


Contributions to Books

Chu, Hsiao-Yun. “Geodesic Domes: The Architectural Vernacular of the Counterculture.” Proceedings of the International Conference on Design History and Design Studies, 2016.

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Chu, Hsiao-Yun. Two entries in Material Culture in America: Understading Everyday Life, edited by Shirley Wajda and Helen Sheuemaker (ACB-Clio, 2007).


Peer Reviewed Articles

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