Current & former students


Current students

Graduate students

  • Laura Horsley (M.S. exp. 5/2022) U-Pb SHRIMP dating and zircon geochemistry of Ledge Mountain migmatites, Adirondack Highlands, New York
  • Zachary Smirnov (M.S. exp. 5/2023) Thermodynamic modeling of ultrahigh-temperature granulites in the Ledge Mountain region, Adirondack Highlands, New York


Undergraduate students

  • Victoria "Tori" Hicks (B.S. exp. 2023)
  • Kaitlyn "Kei" Mowry (B.S. exp. 2023)


Former students

Graduate students

  • Mike Davis (M.S. exp. 5/2021) Petrotectonic evolution of Ledge Mountain migmatites with phase equilibria modeling and melt reintegration, Adirondack Highlands, New York (Now a Research Assistant at the U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park)
  • Brandon Swanson (M.S. 2018) Pressure-temprature conditions of Kyanite-bearing Migmatites at Ledge Mountain, Central Adirondack Highlands (Now a Hydrologist at Nevada Gold Mines, Elko, NV)
  • Katherine "Katie" Sullivan (M.S. 2017) Correlation of erupted plutonic clasts and volcanic deposits from Newberry volcano, Oregon (Now a contractor for the US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA)
  • Jackson Reeder (M.S. 2017) U-Th-Pb geochronology and trace element chemistry of zircon from Ledge Mountain, central Adirondack Highlands, New York (Now a Geologist at Amec Foster Wheeler, Oakland, CA)
  • Rui Liu (M.S. 2016) Regional tectonic evolution of the Pioneer core complex, south-central Idaho (Now a Geologist at StructureSolver LLC, Houston, Texas)
  • Andy Nieblas (M.S. 2016) Pressure-temperature-time-deformation history of the Lahul valley, NW Indian Himalaya (Now a Senior Staff Geologist at LGC Geotechnical, Inc., San Clemente, CA)
  • Ozum Basta (M.S. 2015) The tectonometamorphic evolution of the Greater Himalayan Sequence along the Zanskar shear zone, NW Himalaya (Now a Reservoir Geologist at Turkish Petroleum, Ankara, Turkey)
  • Emma Beck (M.S. 2014) P-T-t-d history of mylonites from the Zanskar shear zone, NW India (Now an MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School)
  • Forrest Horton (M.S. 2011) Geochronology and zircon geochemistry of Greater Himalaya leucogranites in Zanskar, NW India (Completed his PhD in Geological Sciences at UC Santa Barbara in 2015. Now an Assistant Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
  • Pariskeh Hosseini (M.S. 2011) EBSD analysis of partially-eclogitized rocks from the Marun-Keu Complex, Polar Urals, Russia (Now a PhD candidate at Queens College, City University of New York)
  • Deborah Shulman (M.S. 2011) Fluid controlled metamorphism of eclogitic pseudotachylite-bearing shear zones, Flakstadøy, northern Norway (Completed a PhD in Geology in 2016 at the University of Maine. Now an Event Coordinator, University of Maine)
  • Will Hassett (M.S. 2010) Geochemical signature of Himalayan gneiss domes: Implications for channel flow (Now a teacher with Teach for America)


Undergraduate Research Theses or Senior Projects 

  • Jennifer Luscombe (B.S. 2015) P-T-t evolution of the UHP Tso Morari Complex, Indian Himalaya (Completed an MS in Geoscience at San Diego State University. Now a Professional Geologist and a Senior Staff Geologist at Geosyntec Consultants, San Diego, CA)
  • Ted Burlick (B.S. 2013) Metamorphism of eclogites from the UHP Maksyutov Complex, south Ural Mountains, Russia (Completed an MSc in Geodynamics in 2019 at the Istanbul Technical Universtiy, Turkey)
  • Kelsey Kehoe (B.S. 2012) Phase equilibria and thermobarometry of metabolites from Himalayan gneiss domes (Now a Project Geologist at the Wyoming State Geological Survey, Laramie, WY)
  • Carla Rosa (B.S. 2011) Textural analysis of rocks from the Karakoram shear zone, Ladakh, northwestern Indian Himalaya (Now a Professional Geologist and an Engineering Geologist with the California Geological Survey)
  • Kevin Denton (B.S. 2010) Paleomagnetic study of the Caetano intra-caldera tuff, Lander County, Nevada (Co-advised with Jonathan Glen. Now a Geophysicist at the US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA)
  • Steve Dutra (B.S. 2010) Thermobarometry and mineral chemistry of clinopyroxenes in eclogite-facies shear zones in the Lofoten Islands, Norway (Received an MS in Resource Economics and Policy at the University of Maine in 2014. Now the Electric Division Manager at Silicon Valley Power, Bangor, Maine)
  • Mae Marcaida (B.S. 2010) Crystallization history of Black Point and Red Cones: Mafic eruptions of the Mono-Inyo volcanic chain, eastern California (Co-advised with Margaret Mangan, U.S.G.S. Menlo Park; Now a PhD Candidate in Geological Sciences at Stanford University)
  • Molly Cornell (B.S. 2009) Characterization of anomalous graphite from the Maksyutov ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic complex, Russia (Now a freelance photo stylist, Petaluma, CA)
  • Christina Halter-Polito (B.S. 2006) Eclogitization of Proterozoic gabbros in the Lofoten Islands, Norway (Now at Lab Technician at the Berkeley Geochronology Center, Berkeley, CA)
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