Research and Selected Publications

​Dr. Chen's Research

Despite advances in science and technology that have transformed the public health sector by increasing life expectancy and reducing morbidity, diseases caused by infectious microbes continue to pose a significant threat to human health.  Dr. Chen’s long-term research goal is to contribute to the elimination of threats to global health through new scientific discoveries.  Her current research focuses on pathogenesis, microbial gene expression/regulation, drug resistance, and educational outreach for the prevention of diseases that threaten public health.

Dr. Chen’s Ph.D. studies in molecular microbiology at the University at Buffalo-State University of New York (SUNY) characterized animal parasite Schistosoma mansoni developmentally regulated female-specific gene that encodes an eggshell protein.  She then received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Individual National Research Service Postdoctoral Fellowship to study the structure and interactions of the human immunodeficiency virus Tat protein and viral TAR RNA.  Dr. Chen began her tenure-track faculty career in the Department of Biomedical Technologies at the University of Vermont (UVM) in Burlington, Vermont in 1995.  She taught undergraduate microbiology courses, oversaw the clinical practicum in medical microbiology, and was elected to the Graduate College.  Her research program centered on signal transduction pathways in Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected cells with National Science Foundation funding (through Stimulate Competitive Research Receptor Mediated Signaling and Biotechnology Cluster).  Dr. Chen also conducted research on the epidemiology of the bovine leukemia virus and its correlation with cell death in a naturally infected dairy herd at UVM.

In 1998, Dr. Chen accepted a tenure track assistant professor position at SFSU with the Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science (CBLS), where her research focused on viral gene regulation and on screening novel HIV Rev protein inhibitors.  Her research was funded by National Institutes of Health Minority Biomedical Research Support and Support of Continuous Research Excellence (SCORE) award (2003-2005).  In 2004, CBLS merged with the Department of Biology, where Dr. Chen assumed additional responsibilities in student research training and transitioned the focus of her research to bacterial pathogenesis and drug resistance to better serve the needs of the department.  Over the past 15 years, Dr. Chen has been the primary mentor and thesis advisor of more than 100 students, some subsequently entered Ph.D. programs.  Others have gone on to health professional programs in medicine, dentistry, public health, and clinical laboratory science, while still others joined the workforce in various life science disciplines immediately upon graduation.LChen Lab UG Bart poster 2016Beatriz's poster

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (* indicates SFSU student) 

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