Spring 2023

Biol 310 Biology for Today's World - [Mon and Wed, 2 - 3:40pm, HH 245] - Teaching Mode: In-person

Each student is enrolled in BOTH Biol 310-01 Lecture 2-3:40pm and Biol 355-02 ACTIVITY 2-3:40pm. Attendance is expected in BOTH classes every week.

This course is designed for non-majors students. Biology students should not enroll in Biol 310 (Biology students will complete their UD-B requirement by completion of Biol 355 Genetics). Completion of this course with a passing grade will meet the UD-B graduation requirement, if a student has upper division standing, and it will meet the SF State Studies Environmental Sustainability requirement. Students who have completed Biol 230 should not take Biol 310.



Course prerequisite: GE Areas A1*, A2*, A3*, and B4* all with grades of C- or better; one college-level biology course; or permission of the instructor.

Note: If you have completed the prerequisite courses, each with a C- or better, but are still blocked from online registration, please communicate with the instructor by e-mail to request a permission number. You may be required to provide unofficial transcripts or course syllabi to support your request.

This upper division biology course is intended for non-major students interested in deepening their knowledge of scientific inquiry and biological systems. An overarching goal of the course is for students to gain insight into the nature of scientific inquiry, the process by which knowledge in biology is acquired, and of the strengths and limitations of the process and the evidence obtained. To this end, students will evaluate experiments and data that support our current understanding of biological systems and how they function, will gain skills in working with peers as they contribute to planning and accomplishing collaborative investigations and oral presentations, and will also have the opportunity to improve their communication skills through collaboration with peers, numerous writing assignments, and scientific poster presentations.

There is no required textbook for the course.

All students who wish to enroll in Biol 310 (whether you are currently registered or wish to add the class) must attend the first day of class (MONDAY, January 30, 2023).

BIOL 357-01 Molecular Genetics [Mon, Wed, & Fri, 12:00 pm- 12:50 pm, HH 206] -- Teaching Mode: In-person

Biology 357 is a course intended for biology majors. The course will cover current ideas in molecular biology including the transfer and expression of genetic information, the interaction and hybridization of genes, molecular mutagens, and molecular evolution. Related "ethical questions" will also be discussed as they arise. In this course, we will focus on the transmission and expression of genetic information. Although the course predominantly emphasizes eukaryotic molecular genetics, we will also familiarize ourselves with prokaryotic molecular genetics. We will consider the structure and function of the genetic material at the molecular level, replication and repair of the genetic material, and the regulation and expression of genetic information.
The prerequisite for Biol 357 is completion of Biol 355 (or equivalent majors genetics course) with a grade of C- or better. The prerequisite will be enforced. Cell & Molecular Biology B.S. students have priority enrollment. NOTE: All courses to be used to complete Biology degree requirements must be completed with a letter grade.
Successful registration (touch-tone) in Biol 357 is not a guarantee of enrollment--successful completion of the prerequisite must be confirmed.

REQUIRED: We will use iClickers generally each day in class (iClicker original or iClicker2 will work - available at SF State Bookstore).

RECOMMENDED: Molecular Genetics Textbook (available at SF State Bookstore AND at the SF State Library)
Title: Molecular Biology: Principles and Practice
Authors: Michael M. Cox; Jennifer Doudna; Michael O'Donnell
Edition: 2nd Edition, 2015 (Publisher, WH Freeman)

All students who wish to enroll in Biol 357 (whether you are currently registered or wish to add the class) must attend the first day of class (MONDAY, January 30, 2023).