Community Based Participatory Research

Professor Jeung has conducted extensive community-based, participatory research with his students. These projects include

  • Mongolian Needs Assessment (Community Health for Asian Americans, 2014)
  • Himalayan Women's Health Needs (Community Health for Asian Americans, 2014)
  • Bayview Hunter's Point Needs Assessment (Community Youth Center, 2012-2014)
  • Barriers v. Bridges: Needs and Aspirations of Bhutanese Refugees in Northern California (Bhutanese Community of California, 2012)
  • Single Room Occupancy Workers and Wage Theft (Chinese Progressive Association, 2012)
  • From Crisis to Community Development: Needs and Assets of Oakland's Refugees from Burma (Burma Refugee Family Network, 2011)
  • Chinese Community Health Fair (NICOS Health Coalition, 2011)
  • Chinese American Displaced Manufacturing Workers (Chinese Progressive Association, 2011)
  • Impact of Education Budget Cuts and Early Start (California Faculty Assocation, 2011)
  • API Connections Wellness Survey (API Connections, 2010)
  • English Center Survey (English Center, 2010)