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Ph.D. Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley (UCB); Haas School of Business:
           International Business and the Management of Organizations
M.A.  International Affairs; concentration in international economics & comparative politics. Johns Hopkins
          University & SAIS Bologna, Italy.  
M.A. in Comparative Literature & Literary Criticism, U.C. Berkeley

Before beginning his academic career, Professor Simeon worked for several years on Wall Street and in Tokyo as a financial & securities analyst for American Express, Daiwa Securities and Swiss Bank (SBCI now UBS). He has also periodically engaged in business consulting activities. Professor Simeon has done research/taught at Kansai University (Japan),Waseda University (Japan), IAE, University of Nice (France), University of California, Berkeley (UCB), University of Insubria, Varese (Italy) and San Francisco State University (SFSU). Professor Simeon has also published research covering topics such as online wine marketing, web-site evaluation strategies (AIPD), expatriate cross-cultural adjustment, popular culture branding, corporate governance & firm performance, international career management, diversity and information processing, venture business and organizational learning. His book entitled "Working in the Global Economy: how to manage your career across borders" (2013) explores international career development and is a response to the global competition for talent and the increasing mobility of skilled workers. Over the years at SFSU, Professor Simeon has taught courses in comparative management, international business, strategic management, Japanese managerial strategies, emerging market business strategies, international career dynamics and global entrepreneurship. His most recent research covers wine markets in Asia, airline frequent flyer programs, career development in emerging markets, & self-gifting consumer behavior. Professor Simeon is profesionally fluent in French, Spanish, Japanese, & Italian and is always open to cross-border and multi-lingual research projects.