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Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development

From Lexington-Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
*Series Editor: Sujian Guo, Ph.D. San Francisco State University*

In an attempt to reflect the rapidly changing political environment of the People's Republic of China, editor Sujian Guo has assembled a book series to present specialized areas of research in current Chinese political studies. Incorporating theoretical, empirical, and policy research on contemporary Chinese politics both domestically and internationally, this series contemplates the Chinese past, present, and future by utilizing interdisciplinary perspectives to approach issues related to Chinese politics, economy, culture, social development, reform, the military, legal system, and foreign relations.

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Submissions Guidlines

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  1. prospectus explaining your work in detail:
    - Two or three paragraphs that describe the book, title and subtitles of the work, the core theme, arguments, issues or questions you seek to answer, its significance, and the specific contribution that this work will make to its field.
    - Please indicate two or three other significant books that have been written on similar topics and discuss what makes your work unique.
    - Has any part of your work been published previously or to be published? Is the work under consideration by other publishers? What is the estimated length of your manuscript (number of double-spaced pages, or number of words)? What is the present state of your manuscript? How many chapters are written? When do you expect to complete your manuscript? Who might be qualified reviewers for this work (2-3 readers)
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  4. Please include a copy of your most updated curriculum vitae, including complete contact information.  If you have co-authors, their C.V. should also be included.