06 - Adding or Linking a document or file


How to add and link a file/document to a page?

When creating or editing a content page, type in the text you want to make a link to a file/document. For example say the text is “Famous publication”. Highlight the text and select the chain like icon.

File link













Then select the Browse Server button on the pop-up.

Browse Server button for file















This should open up a pop-up.

Browse Server pop-up

















If your file is not listed, you need to add the file to this storage area. You can do this by either dragging-dropping the file from your desktop into the right section of the pop-up or use the ‘Upload file’ icon.

Browse Server upload button













Once the file is uploaded, it will appear on the right section on the pop-up. Double click on the file.

Browse Server select file















This will close the storage area pop-up and prefill the URL field in the first pop-up.

File selection confirmation















Select Ok button. Now the text “Famous Publication” is linked to the document you uploaded.

You can test this by saving the page and then selecting the link.


Note: You can also use the new folder icon to organize your file storage area into folders.

Browse Server folder icon