13 - Enabling and Using Blog feature


How to enable & use blog feature?

How to enable blog feature?

When logged in, select ‘Features’ link from the Menu link on the top of the page.

Features link

















Select the ‘Enable’ link corresponding to SFSU Faculty Blog section on the next page to enable the blog feature.

Enable Blog Feature












This adds a new menu link to your site called ‘Blog’. The Blog page will list all your blog entries.

Blog Menu link










How to add blog entries?

Adding blog entries is similar to adding content. When logged in, from the Menu link on the top, select “Add Content” link.

Add Content link







The next page gives you the option to choose either Blog entry or Content page. Select ‘Blog entry’.

Add Blog entry







Fill in the title of the title and content of the blog on the next screen. Please refer to Text Editor section how to add images/links/files.