In the Language, Attention & Cognitive Engineering (LACE) laboratory, one focus of our research has been understanding the effects of bilingualism on various aspects of cognition: executive attention, cognitive control, ambiguity resolution, and lexical retrieval. Another focus is understanding the effects of other special experiences and skills (e.g., music, mindfulness, video gaming, multitasking, exercise) on cognitive ability. To this end, we implement both behavioral and self-report measures to investigate cognitive architectures underlying human information processing.


LACE Lab location: EP 513

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join the lab. Students can earn 1-3 credits of supervised selected research for active participation in the lab. Those who would like to join, reach out to Dr. Paap directly via e-mail and include a letter of interest. 


Current Lab Members:

Director: Ken Paap, Ph.D., San Francisco State University |



Associate Director: Regina Anders-Jefferson, MA, San Francisco State University |

Regina Anders-Jefferson (she/her/hers) is a lecturer of the SF State psychology department and a healthcare program coordinator at JVS. Regina combines her love for teaching and research to educate students and assist in directing the LACE lab. SF State is her alma mater, where she earned a master's in psychology with a concentration in the mind, brain, and behavior. Regina is a stats nerd and is interested in data science and programming. She is a critical thinker who thrives from problem-solving and aspires to improve psychometrics and advance science to better measure human behavior.






Lab Manager: Nithyasri Balakrishnan, M.A. in progress, San Francisco State University |

Nithyasri Balakrishnan the lab manager, is a graduate student interested in the neural networks supporting language & cognitive processing (e.g., mental representation, inner speech, and meta aspects of language and cognition) and in knowing the extent and effects of culture on these processes. With an Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology background, her long-term goal is to understand the shared working of language and cognition from an interdisciplinary perspective and develop computational models.







Research Assistant: Alyssa Davila |

Alyssa Davila has recently earned her BA in Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy from SFSU and hopes to earn her Master's in Counseling Psychology. This is her second year as a research assistant in the LACE lab where she supports fellow lab members and aims to see that research always be fulfilled honestly and justly.








Research Assistant: John Majoubi |

John Majoubi is a research assistant in both the LACE cognitive lab and SFSU work technology lab, as well as a member of the SFSU honors thesis program. His pursuit of a graduate program will be focused on a master’s or doctoral degree in cognitive psychology. His current thesis is concerned with the effects of social media on attentional control.









Research Assistant: Kathy Wannaviroj |

Kathy Wannaviroj is a San Francisco native and graduated from SFSU where she received her BA in Psychology. She is a research assistant in both the LACE Lab and brainLENS Lab at UCSF. Currently, she is aiming to pursue her master’s degree in Psychology at SFSU and concentrating in cognitive psychology. She is interested in studying cognitive impairments to learn more about the mental processes that affect psychological disorders.







Research Assistant: Meagan Hope Della Zoppa |

Meagan Della Zoppa is a recent SFSU graduate and a research assistant for LACE lab. She currently has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and wishes to shortly pursue graduate school for clinical work. She is also presently volunteering for the Physicians Organizing Committee and has earned the title of benefit coordinator. She will never shy away from the opportunity of crusading against our damaged American healthcare.








Research Assistant: Taeil Sung |

Taeil Sung graduated with a BA in Psychology at San Francisco State University in the Spring of 2020 and aiming to pursue a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. During the academic year of Fall 2019 - Spring 2020, he was a member of the SFSU Honors program and LACE lab where he completed an Honors thesis regarding the effects of Ego Depletion on attentional control while also working as a research assistant. Now entering his second year as a Research Assistant, he is also employed as a Relief Counselor for Progress Foundation.  






Former Lab Managers:

Brandon Michael Zimiga, MA, San Francisco State University

Lauren Mason, Tufts University

Roman Mikulinsky

Hunter Myuz, Ph.D. (c), New Mexico State University

Oliver Sawi, Ph.D. (c), University of Connecticut