This page is devoted to the GamePlan software.

GamePlan is a Windows-based application. You must have Windows installed or accessible on your device to use it. The installer is downloadable using this link:


You can access a video below that explains how to use the software. It is about one hour long:


GamePlan was primarily designed to handle all basic forms (normal and extensive, with or without perfect information) but, most importantly to allow repeated play. This can be done in many ways within the GamePlan framework: one can simply design a game on a graph rather than on a tree. Since loops are allowed (with discounting) the game can potentially go on forever. An important variation is to define a normal form game and allow it to repeat while defining various "states" of the game that summarize the past. For instance, the repeated Prisoner's Dilemma can have two states (always cooperated, at least one defect). The "Grim Trigger" will arise as a SPE (subgame perfect equilibrium) as well as "Always Defect". But one can define more states and represent Tit-for-Tat, Contrite Tit-for-Tat, and so on. To learn how to use GamePlan, you may consult Chapter 2 of my lecture notes accessible by this link:

Chapter 2