Club: Neuroscience Division of MBB

THE NEUROSCIENCE DIVISION of MBB (officially, "The Neuroscience Division of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior [MBB] Concentration at SFSU") is a club for MBB students (and MBB faculty!) who are actively and rigorously investigating neural mechanisms.  Student members must demonstrate academic excellence, be official members of an MBB lab, be enrolled as students for fall 2023, and be in the pursuit of advanced degrees in neuroscience.  Membership is free.  One focus of the club is the directed exploration of, and access to, essential neuroscience articles and books.  The director, librarian, and event organizer of the division is Prof. Ezequiel Morsella.  The director also tracks and supports the career development of each student member.  If you qualify and are interested, please email the director at to request an application.

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