Lab Members


Jessica Yankulova

JESSICA YANKULOVA, the lab manager, is graduate student interested in consciousness and developmental psychology. She is especially interested in investigating action selection and the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes.



Anthony Velasquez

ANTHONY VELASQUEZ is a graduate student interested in the neural networks supporting conscious processing (e.g., in working memory, impulse control, and encapsulation), and in how knowledge of such networks will inform the study of psychopathology. Anthony's long term goal is to apply our new paradigms (about the neural and cognitive aspects of conscious processing) to the burgeoning field of experimental psychopathology.



Alejandro Heredia

ALEJANDRO HEREDIA CEDILLO is a graduate student co-advised by Dr. Geisler. He is interested in the action-perception cycle, specifically, in how action-oriented perception informs cognitive representations and facilitates dynamic goal directed interactions with the environment.



Sarah Brauer

SARAH BRAUER is a graduate student interested in the mechanistic and neurological underpinnings of conscious and unconscious processes, especially how exploration of these processes in learning may be useful for the development of more effective psychopathological interventions.



Latoya Wright-Wilson

LATOYA WRIGHT-WILSON is a graduate student who is interested in unconscious processes and in neural networks. She is especially interested in memory. 



Dennis Lambert

DENNIS LAMBERT is a graduate student interested in the neural mechanisms that underlie consciousness and attention, as well as how this scientific inquiry contributes to philosophical questions.



Alison Allen

ELLYN DALY is a post-baccalaureate researcher with a background in philosophy, most interested in the physical mechanisms underlying consciousness. Her research has focused on how attentional processing of visual information is affected by reward. She is also interested in understanding how information and attentional processing affect subjective features of experience, aesthetic experience, unconscious versus conscious perception, sense of agency, and the role of consciousness in action and decision making.



Christina Wong


FANQI KONG is a graduate student who is interested in human cognition and visual intelligence. Fanqi is also interested in the effects of unattended stimuli on cognition, consciousness, and neural processing.



Tala Elsabagh

TALA ELSABBAGH is a graduate student interested in the interactions between conscious and unconscious processes, especially in how it is involved in action and involuntary behavior.