Spring 2016

Biol 865 

Environmental Physiology


Graduate-level seminar course examining current research into Environmental Physiology, broadly defined. In the Spring I will teach this class with an emphasis on the physiology of severe environmental stress. For each topic, we will consider the effect of that stressor on organismal physiology, and the physiological compensations and adaptations to that stressor.


Undergraduates may be admitted to the class if space is available. Interested students should email me at rcrook@sfsu.edu to request consideration.


Topics will include: 

  • Marine and terrestrial physiology of global warming
  • Physiological responses to oceanic and terrestrial pollution
  • Physiology of injury
  • Physiology of social stress
  • Physiology of emerging infectious diseases facilitated by environmental change
  • Other topics chosen by students


The Class Syllabus and Schedule will be posted here prior to the start of the Spring semester.


Fall 2015 

Biol 613G

Human Physiology Laboratory


This laboratory course investigates the physiology of normal human bodies. Topics include the renal system, pulmonary function, exercise physiology, cardiovascular physiology and muscle physiology. Students learn standard techniques for measuring normal physiological states and homeostatic physiological mechanisms. Groups of students work independently in the last month of the course, to complete experiments of their own design. 

This is a GWAR (writing intensive) class. Lab reports make up a large percentage of the final grade, and each week an in-class tutorial session is provided to support development of scientific writing skills.


Course Syllabus download

Class Schedule download