Courses Taught

Courses Offered Spring 2019

AIS 694: Community Service Learning


Previously Offered Courses

Undergraduate: Lower Division

AIS 150: American Indian History in the United States.

AIS 162: American Indian Oral Literature


Undergraduate: Upper Division

AIS 300: American Indian Research Methods.

AIS 320: American Indian Music.

AIS 350/AFRS 350/LTNS 355: Black Indians in the Americas.

AIS 470: American Indian Ethnicity: Problems in Identity.

AIS 500: American Indian Languages and Cultural Systems.

AIS 694: Community Service Learning 

AIS 699/LTNS 699: Ancient South America

AIS 699: Choctaw Langauge

AIS 699: Navajo Language

AIS 699: The American Indian Pow-Wow 

Graduate Seminars 

AIS 701: American Indian Studies Graduate Seminar

ETHS 820: Advanced Research Seminar - M.A. Thesis Writing