San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA (2000 to present)

  • Professor of Information Systems
  • Research and teaching - Computer networks, next generation Internet technologies and event-driven infrastructures for Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  • Research and development of service-oriented (QoS and ToS) networks. Implementation via campus-based wireless LANs
  • Research on the development and deployment of corporate and academic online learning initiatives as instances of e-commerce.
  • Study of Quality of Service and Latency Effects via small scale robots controlled over intranets.
  • Study of networking concepts such as time-to-live (TTL) and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and their implications on closed networks. This research is being implemented using by gnutella and its variants.
  • Evolution of node-to-node networks and its impact on online transactions.

Sphere Interactive, Inc., Atlanta GA ('99)

  • Manager of Technology Services: Managed projects for design, development and deployment of online learning for mid-to-large sized corporations.

Spec International, L.L.C., Atlanta GA ('98)

  • Manager, Internet R&D: Development of the website. Design and Development of Internet-aware systems.

May & Speh Strategic Decision Services, Atlanta GA ('97)

  • Credit Risk Modeling: Creating generic credit bureau models for the credit industry for assessing good and bad risk customers.
  • Custom Models for Finance/Credit Industry: Create custom models for particular customers by modeling company data and industry data and create a composite model.

Interactive Products and Services, AT&T, Atlanta GA ('95)

  • Development of Intranet based emerging technologies: Develop Intranet material for AT&T in Atlanta. This material included HTML, graphics and some multimedia material.
  • Training personnel in using emerging technologies: Train AT&T personnel in emerging software technologies for developing Intranets and maintaining databases of reports and documents between remote offices.

Decision Sciences, Georgia State University, Atlanta GA('93 - '96)

  • Research and Development in Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Developed a working prototype for a US Army funded project. This tutorial/prototype demonstrated the techniques of computer assisted instruction and computer based training complete with testing reporting and monitoring.
  • Hypermedia-based Non-linear Knowledge Based Systems: Developed a database of hypermedia resources for Westinghouse Savannah River Company (project funded through Georgia Research Alliance). This collection of hypermedia resources was designed to replace their existing paper-based engineering standards and procedures.
  • Web-based Decision Support Systems: Developed and presented a framework for providing decision support through the web. This framework goes beyond the simple expansion of the network from a LAN to a WAN. It also incorporates the role of intelligent agents that collect important information which helps in supporting the decision making process.
  • Web-based distributed learning: Extending the computer based learning from the classroom to the world. A prototype was developed that delivered course material, class lectures and tests on any platform using custom Java applets.
  • webmaster@dsc.gsu.edu: I was Webmaster at Decision Sciences for over four years (when being webmaster was cool). I worked closely with the faculty and students to develop the entire site on ADDIE-M guidelines. This server caters to the information needs of the department and supports over 150 mime types. It also supports the ftp site and a prototype push server.