Gretchen Lebuhn

Interests: Plant evolutionary ecology, pollinator conservation and climate change.

My lab focuses on the effects of anthropogenic change on plant and animal communities from local to continental scales.We are currently working on the effect of wildfire on pollinator communities, the impacts of climate warming on urban pollinators  and the montane meadow pollinators.

Z He

My Lab's Research focuses Include Molecular Mechanisms of Cell-Cell and Cell-Environment Communications in Plant Development, Vitamin B6 and Ultraviolet B (UV-B) Signaling, Plant Stress Physiology.         

Michael A Goldman

I did my undergraduate work in Biology at the University of Rochester, and obtained a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology at Purdue University in 1981. Turning to human genetics, I completed two fellowships in Medical Genetics, one at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the other at the University of Washington in Seattle. I joined the faculty at San Francisco State University in 1988, where I am currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology.

Megumi M Fuse


B.Sc.  University of Toronto, Mathematics/Biology, 1987

M.Sc.  York University, Biology: Supervisor: Dr. K.G. Davey, 1990

Ph.D.  University of Toronto, Zoology: Supervisor: Dr. I. Orchard, 1998

Carmen R Domingo


University of California, Irvine                        B.S.                         1987                        Biological Sciences

University of California, Berkeley                   Ph.D                        1995                        Molecular & Cell Biology

University of California, Berkeley                   Fellow                     1997                        Integrative Biology


Positions and Employment

Jose R De La Torre, Ph.D.

  • AB in Molecular Biology from the University of Californa, Berkeley
  • PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics from the University of California, San Francisco
  • Post-doctoral Research in Microbial Ecology & Genomics at the University of California at Berkeley, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and the University of Washington, Seattle


Karen D Crow

In FishLab, we use molecular approaches to understand the evolutionary forces that generate biological diversity, novelty, reproductive strategies and reproductive isolation in fishes. 

Edward Connor

BA in Biology from New College, Florida

MS in Biology from Florida State University

PhD in Biology from Florida State University

Postdoctoral research at Oxford University


Dr. Connor's research focuses on ecology and evolutionary biology particularly statistical inference from field data in community ecology and the evolution of insects-plant interactions.



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