Mitchell L Marks

Mitchell Lee Marks is an internationally recognized expert on managing corporate transitions (including mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, and restructurings), corporate culture, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness and teambuilding.  As a motivating and engaging keynote speaker, he has been invited to present to a wide variety of corporate meetings and globql conferences.  He is a frequent speaker to professional groups and has lectured at the Harvard Business School and Smithsonian Institution.  Mitchell consults with a wide variety of firms in the United States and abroad, advising executives on issues of organizational change, team building, strategic direction, organizational effectiveness, corporate culture, human resources management, and the planning and implementation of mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and other transitions.  Mitchell is the author of seven books—including Charging Back Up the Hill:  Workforce Recovery after Mergers, Acquisitions and Downsizings , and Joining Forces:  Making One Plus One Equal Three in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances.  He has published scores of articles in practitioner and scholarly journals including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Human Organization



Guest Lectures

Keynotes, Invited Lectures, and Seminars

“Person-Centered Ethnography and Oral History Project Conceptualization” (A roundtable given at the Advanced Oral History Institute, U.C. Berkeley. Berkeley, CA. August 11, 2020).


The following is a selected list of recent peer-reviewed publications:

Edited Volumes 

Collins, Robert Keith, ed. Native American Populations and Colonial Diseases. (San Diego: Cognella Press) Forthcoming, 2021. 

Collins, Robert Keith, ed. Studying African- Native American: Problems, Perspectives, and Prospects. (London: Routledge) Forthcoming. 

Betty Parent Scholarship

Betty Parent Achievement Award 




Studying African-Native American Contact in U.S. History: Challenges and Best Practices. 

IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas : Current Smithsonian Traveling Banner Exhibit. 2009- present.


IndiVisible Exhibit Curatorial Advisory Team. National Museum of the American Indian. Smithsonian. Washington, DC. 2007-present.



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