I have been involved in several areas of aerospace. As a physics and astronomy student, I had the opportunity to work in my school's observatory and planetarium. Beyond school, I have had the opportunity to work at NASA in technical, legal and technology transfer roles. I have advised several aerpspace start-ups, and I presently run my own start-up called Sustainspace, whch investigates astroculture in terms of both research and as an industry.


  • Phys 101 Conceptual Physics, San Francisco State University
  • Phys 102 Conceptual Physics Laboratory, San Francisco State University
  • Introductory Astronomy Laboratory, Monash University
  • Astronomy Masters Project Supervisor, Swinburn University of Technology
  • Workshops: Introduction to Cubesats, SETI. International Space University
  • Adjunct Faculty, Physical & Space Sciences, Sngularity University

Professional Experience

  • Summar Associate, NASA Hastings Legal Research Project
  • Legal Associate, Joint Enterprise for Easospace Research and Technology Transfer
  • Commercial Technology Office, NASA Ames Research Center (employed via San Jose State University Foundation)
  • Summer Associate, Wind Tunnel Instrumentation branch, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Volunteer, Exoplanet Atmospheres modeling group, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Co-founder & CEO, Sustainspace