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Information Systems for Management (ISYS 363) - Course Describtion:


Information Systems for Management (ISYS 363) - Enrollment:

  • Prerequisites: ACCT 100 and ISYS 263 need to be completed before. No concurrent enrollment.
  • ISYS 363 section 1 and section 2 are part of the same hybrid class, it does not matter if you are enrolled in section 1 or 2 for the hybrid class. There is a proctored in-person final exam on campus during finals week, and often a mandatory group project. It is not a fully online class or on-demand; the class has a weekly schedule of activities and weekly due dates! Please the see the detailled description in the course bulletin. 

Information Systems for Management (ISYS 363) - Class Material:

All class information, the syllabus, and any other course documents are provided via Canvas in your course section.

You can find a few class related tutorials in the 'Tutorials' tab and some important resources in the 'Help & Support' tab. The course material is usually a heavily discounted customized digital package with ebook and software for around $99. The information will be provided via Canvas/Syllabus the first week of class. The class now uses "Inclusive Access", which means you will automatically be enrolled and charged for the course material when the semester starts, and get your money back if you drop during the first few weeks. Please do not buy any external material otherwise for the course, it won't be the correct custom bundle.

If you need a laptop and don't have one, rent one for free from the library.

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