Research Publications



Nga Ho-Dac, Minu Kumar, and Rebecca Slotegraaf “Show one, show all… product adoption” Status: Under third round review at Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.


Haberstroh Kristina, Ulrich Orth, and Minu Kumar "...  Effects on Implicit Association..." Under review at Marketing Letters.


Minu Kumar, Neil Goldberg, and Hsiao-Yun Chu "... thinking into the design..." Under review at the Journal of Product Innovation Management.




Haberstroh Kristina, Ulrich Orth, and Minu Kumar (2019) “Designing for the genders: The role of visual harmony,” Forthcoming at the International Journal for Research in Marketing.


Luchs Michael and Minu Kumar  (2017) "Yes, but this one looks better/works better: When might consumers choose superior sustainability despite a trade-off with other valued product attributes?" Journal of Business Ethics. 140(3), 567-584. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-015-2695-0


Kumar Minu and Charles H. Noble (2016) "Beyond form and function: why do consumers value product design?" Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 613-620. DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.05.017

  • This project was funded by Marketing Science Institute through their competitive grants
  • An earlier version of this paper won the prestigious Overall Best Paper award and Best Paper in the Track award at the 2010 Summer AMA conference.


Kumar Minu (2015) “Aesthetic principles of product form and cognitive appraisals: Predicting emotional responses to beauty” in The Psychology of Design: Creating Consumer Desire, Rajeev Batra and Colleen Seifert eds. London; Taylor and Francis.


Kumar Minu, Janell Townsend and Douglas W. Vorhies (2015) “Enhancing relationships with brands using product design" Journal of Product Innovation Management. 32(5), 716-730. DOI: 10.1111/jpim.12245

  • Press coverage in: Miami Herald,, CTV news,, Hindustan Times, and


Kumar, Minu and Nitika Garg, (2010) "Aesthetic principles and cognitive emotion appraisals: How much of the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?" Journal of Consumer Psychology, Volume 20 (Issue 4), 485-494. This article was listed as one of the most cited articles for the journal for 2010.


Noble Charles H. and Minu Kumar (2010) "Exploring the appeal of product design: A grounded, value-based model of key design elements and relationships," Journal of Product Innovation Management. 27:640–657.


Noble, Charles H. and Minu Kumar (2008) “Using product design to create deeper consumer connections,” Business Horizons, 51 (September), 441-450. This article is reprinted by Harvard Business School Publishing.




Janell Townsend (Oakland University), Minu Kumar, and Sina Damangir “Halo Products and their effect on product portfolio” Status: This paper contains three experimental studies, and a novel mathematical model that employs a longitudinal panel data from GfK. Manuscript being prepared to be submitted to the Journal of Marketing.

Kumar Minu, “Governance models in Inter-firm Relationships for radical innovation?” Status: A novel longitudinal qualitative data analysis is complete and manuscript is being developed for Harvard Business Review.

Minu Kumar, “Risk Assessment of New Drugs using Post Marketing Data” Status: Two lab experiments completed and preparing to collect data from field experiment in a hospital setting using a Novel Smartphone App developed for the purpose.




2020 MUFG grant for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ($35,000).

2019 Innovation and Entreprenuership Donation ($25 million): Coauthored with University Business Development team a proposal that was used to raise $25 million Gift for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at San Francisco State University

2018 Grant from Barilla for the Sugar Network project ($66,000): Program director role

Sugar Network ( is a global innovation network of academic institutions collaborating with companies to solve challenging, real-world problems using the Design-Thinking methodology. This network was born out of Stanford university’s ME310 program ( Each academic year, dozens of participating companies provide product development challenges to students from different universities from different countries who then collaborate to develop design solutions to meet the challenge. This year, a multidisciplinary group of faculty from SF State will work with a group of four SF State students to help them collaborate with a team of students from University of Bologna on a product development challenge provided by the company Barilla (

2018 IRA Grant ($13,500): This grant helped set up a new set of 3D printers and help hire a CAD coach to help coach my classes

Fall 2017: ORSP DRC Grant ($8,000)

Spring 2017: College of Business Research Discipline-Based Research Grant ($2000)

Fall 2015: ORSP DRC Grant ($7500)

Fall 2015: PDMA grant for develop Social Media for JPIM (7.500)

Fall 2011: ORSP grant ($7500)

2007: MSI research grant for the dissertation project ($6000)

2007: Summer research Grant (University of Mississippi) ($4000)