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Spring 2015:

History 605

History 607

History 644


Publications: Hsiao-Yun Chu


butlerAn on-line novella:

Tablets of the Apocalypse

(available on-line)


A collection of science fiction short stories/novellas:

Chitkuwi and Other Stories

(Out for external review.)




Nikolas Sean-Paul Nackley

Baritone and educator, Nikolas Nackley, has been acclaimed by the Boston Globe for his ability to “continually impress with his beautiful voice and acting.” Equally regarded for his concert and dramatic work, Mr. Nackley’s career has spanned the American, European, and Asian continents and he has been featured in such venues as Boston’s Symphony Hall, Los Angeles’s Disney Concert Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Davies Symphony Hall. 

Courses Taught

Spring 2017

  • AIS 410: Perspectives of Native California Indians
  • AIS 535: American Indian Film 

2002 – 2016, AIS, SFSU

  • AIS 160: Survey of Native California Indians
  • AIS 162: American Indian Oral Literature
  • AIS 310: American Indian Religion and Philosophy
  • AIS 410: Perspectives of Native California Indians
  • AIS 420: American Indian Women
  • AIS 450: American Indian Science


  • Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Edited Books

2017. Getting Dirty: the Ecoeroticism of Women n Native Oral Literatures. For Critically Sovereign: Indigenous Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. Edited by Joanne Barker. Duke University Press. 

2016. Linking Ancestral Seeds and Waters to the Indigenous Places we Inhabit. Co-authored with Nicola Wagenberg. For Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women’s Voices, edited by Jeanine Canty. New York, NY: Routledge Press. 

Professional Presentations

NINJAL国際シンポジウム 「第10回 日本語実用言語学国際会議 (ICPLJ) 」

NINJAL国際シンポジウム 「第10回 日本語実用言語学国際会議 (ICPLJ) 」が、2017年7月8日9日に国立国語研究所で開催され、基調講演を行ないました。

Professional Services

Osaka University D-Learning Series

On November 7, 2017, as a lecturer of the 2017 Osaka University D-Learning Series, I gave a lecture entitled "Human Development and Behavior in Cross-Cultural Perspective" to Osaka University undergraduate students.

Osaka University D-Learning 2017                   Osala University D-Learning 2017 schedule














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