AIS 320 American Indian Music

SFSU Spring 2017 Semester

AIS 320.1 American Indian Music

  • Class Number: 9617
  • Fridays, 1:10-3:55, CA 152
  • Class Attributes: Upper Division, UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities, SF State Studies: Amer Ethnic & Racial Minorities, SF State Studies: Social Justice



Relationships among music, cultural perspectives, and collective and individual selves of American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

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Julian LoGiudici

M.A. Geography, Resource Management and Environmental Planning, Thesis - in progress: Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition and Ecological Effects in the Greater Yellowstone Area

B.A. Geography, San Francisco State University

Interests: Resource Management, National Park Service, Alpine Lakes and Ecosystems

The Fire Drill and the King of Cake

November 14, 2015 - 4:10pm -- Jennifer Arin

During a fire drill at the university, and at the very end of the semester, I took advantage of the forced evacuation from my office to wander over to the farmer's market, which takes place on campus each Thursday. Despite the market’s having just a handful of vendors, a varied fare is featured: Belgian waffles, organic produce, pita bread and hummus, kettle corn, tamales – and assorted cakes and cupcakes at a stand called Kingdom Cake.

Cinco de Mayo

November 13, 2015 - 10:34pm -- Jennifer Arin

At a San Francisco supermarket, a Latina employee had embellished her work outfit -- a dark apron, sneakers, and keys draped from a long cord around her neck -- with a bright-red shirt beneath a black-and-white flower-patterned one. Atop her head, she had pinned a large white flower, which seemed a celebratory touch.


Casi olvidé,” I told her, “I almost forgot that today is Cinco de Mayo! I love your festive look.”



Spring 2016

Biol 865 

Environmental Physiology


Graduate-level seminar course examining current research into Environmental Physiology, broadly defined. In the Spring I will teach this class with an emphasis on the physiology of severe environmental stress. For each topic, we will consider the effect of that stressor on organismal physiology, and the physiological compensations and adaptations to that stressor.



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