Spring 2016

Biol 865 

Environmental Physiology


Graduate-level seminar course examining current research into Environmental Physiology, broadly defined. In the Spring I will teach this class with an emphasis on the physiology of severe environmental stress. For each topic, we will consider the effect of that stressor on organismal physiology, and the physiological compensations and adaptations to that stressor.



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Robyn Jean Crook

I am an evolutionary biologist and behavioral neuroscientist. My lab studies the evolution and function of higher cognitive states, primarily pain. Our main animal models are cephalopods, and techniques in my lab include electrophysiology, genomics, and behavioral assays. 

We focus on plasticity in primary nociceptive neurons, looking at how this plasticity is mediated at the molecular level, and in turn, how this cellular plasticity mediates changes in neural circuits, behaviors and ultimately, the fitness of individual animals coping with injury or other painful experiences.

Column Writing

[In Chinese] "California cult wines", The Collections, Sept. 2017 (加州膜拜酒,《藏天下》雜誌)

[In Chinese] “Black brother Obama's tomorrow”, Financial Times Chinese, Nov. 2008 www.ftchinese.com (黑人兄弟奧巴馬的明天, 英国《金融时报》中文网)

[In Chinese] “Trade golden hairpin for wine: How many bottles?” Financial Times Chinese, Nov. 2008 www.ftchinese.com (金釵能沽幾瓶酒, 英国《金融时报》中文网)



University of Hawai'i at Manoa       Ph.D., Chinese Linguistics and Pedagog

Chinese University of Hong Kong   Eu Tong Sen Fellow, China Studies

Hunan Normal University, China     M.A., Chinese Linguistics 

                                                        B.A., Chinese Language Education

Professional Positions and ranks held

San Francisco State University, Department of Foreign Languages

Invited Works


2017       “Using Facebook Group to Facilitate Language Production and Interaction.” Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center Symposium, San Francisco, March 9-10, 2017

2017       “Heritage Language Education and Research.” Invited colloquium at “International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers”(“国际汉语教师微信群”学术公众号), Jan. 2017

2016       “edTPA and Teaching Chinese in Secondary Schools.” CLTAC 2016 Fall Workshop Program, San Francisco State University, October 22


2017       “The Development of Epistemic Stance in Heritage Language Blogs”, 15th Conference of the International Pragmatics Association, Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 16 -21.

2017       “The development of epistemic modality in heritage language writing”, American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) 2017 Conference, Portland, Oregon March 19-21.

2016       “Technology-enhanced Assessments in Learning Chinese as a Second Language.” Annual Convention of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, CLTA Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Nov. 18-20.

Joshua B Horowitz

Born in San Francisco French Hospital, and raised locally in Marin County, California, Joshua Horowitz earned a Ph.D. in History at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in September 2014, a M.A. in Humanities, 2008, an M.S. in Education, 2003, and a Teaching Credential in Social Sciences, 2000, from Dominican University of California.  Currently, he is an Adjunct Faculty in History and Humanities and Cultural Studies at Dominican University of California, and a Lecturer in American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University.


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