Professor Jeff Jacoby Bio 2018

Jeff practices sound and radio art, sound design, directing, producing, writing, and performing, and happily serves as Professor of Audio & Radio in the Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. Jeff is a author, founded Living Sound Productions in 1980, and has worked at Quinnipiac University, Real Art Ways, The Media Arts Center, and the National Radio Project.


Counseling Resources for Multicultural and Social Justice 

Rebecca Louise Toporek

Welcome to my faculty web page. 

My main emphases are career and college counseling, multicultural competence, and social justice and advocacy. These are the arenas in which I live and breathe. I am challenged to continually develop myself both personally and professionally in these areas and hope that I can share that challenge with my students.

Lara Cushing

Lara Cushing’s research focuses on social inequalities in exposure to environmental hazards, and race and class determinants of environmental health disparities. Her work has investigated questions of environmental justice in the context of hazardous industrial facilities, prenatal exposures to harmful man-made chemicals, urban greenspace, oil and gas drilling, and global climate change. Dr. Cushing holds a M.P.H. in Epidemiology and a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Rita M Melendez

Rita Melendez, PhD. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sexuality Studies and Sociology. She specializes in public health, gender and race/ethnicity issues. Her research focusses on access to care for HIV-positive Latino immigrants as well as prevention services for Latinos. She is currently conducting a study exploring how rural Latino immigrants have access to PrEP services. Her past research studies inlcude a qualitative survey of over 600 Latinos from Zacatecas living in the US and exploring their access to care as well as health. Dr.

One for the Books: Do Our Students Still Read Them?

October 17, 2017 - 4:25pm -- Jennifer Arin

    In his essay “Imaginary Homelands,” Salman Rushdie writes, “I grew up kissing books and bread. In our house, whenever anyone dropped a book or let fall a chapati or a “slice,” which was our word for a triangle of buttered leavened bread, the fallen object was required not only to be picked up but also kissed .... Devout households in India often contained, and still contain, persons in the habit of kissing holy books. But we kissed everything. ...


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