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Collecting Alpine Lake Samples in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Deep Lake



ISYS 363


Information Systems for Management (ISYS 363) - Course Describtion:


BARI/CCI Fellowship/Internship

The Bay Area Research Initiative (BARI) and Cesar Chavez Institute (CCI) seek no more than two SFSU students for a PAID fellowship/internship opportunity with Roadmap to Peace, an Instituto Familiar de La Raza (IFR) program serving at-risk transitional age youth in San Francisco. Applicants must have a strong interest in working with and/or in the Latinx community of San Francisco, particularly with youth in the criminal justice system and engaged in restorative justice. The position is paid, so students must be currently enrolled at SFSU.


Current research interests

Diffusion of mobile technology and smartphone apps

Taxonomic theory

Taxonomy development in IS

Wireless/mobile applications

Database systems

Electronic commerce systems


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Teaching Philosophy:

My objective as an instructor is to educate confident, independent and accountable engineers who can think abstractly about real-world problems and industrial challenges, analyze them critically, propose effective solutions and articulate them clearly. To me, teaching is an interactive experience that should effectively engage both students and the instructor and lead by getting constant feedback through questions, discussions, and assignments.


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Peer-Reviewed Journals

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