Ropes, Shirts, Dirty Socks, and a Noble Cause

August 20, 2018 - 1:49pm -- Jennifer Arin


In his article "Ropes, Shirts or Dirty Socks" (London Review of Books, 15 June 2017), Adam Smyth reviews the book Paper: Paging through History (Kurlansky 2017), and in the process Smyth pens his own facts about paper, such as this tidbit: "The pages carrying the words of Shakespeare were once ropes, or shirts, and these items, in turn, were owned by people from widely different strata of society ...."



  1. Barranco, J.A., Pei, S., Marcus, P.S., 2018, “Zombie Vortex Instability. III. Persistence with Nonuniform Stratification and Radiative Damping.” Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal.

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My field of research is computational astrophysical & geophysical fluid dynamics; that is, I study the motion of fluids on the scale of planets, stars, and nebulae.  Such flows tend to be highly nonlinear, chaotic and turbulent, and so practical solutions require supercomputer simulations.  Here at SFSU, we have a small cluster called SF-STAR (Supercomputer Facility for Space & Terrestrial Advanced Research).  I co-direct this facility with Professor Andisheh Mahdavi.

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