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Journal of Japanese Linguistics

The Dilena Takeyama Center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture congratulates Professor Masahiko Minami, Foreign Languages and Literature Department, who is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Japanese Linguistics beginning January 2014. The Journal of Japanese Linguistics editorial office moved to San Francisco State University, and the journal is housed on the website of the Dilena Takeyama Center. For more information, contact Prof. Minami at (415) 338-7451 or

Until December 2013, the Journal of Japanese Linguistics was available at the Institute for Japanese Studies at the Ohio State University.



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Current Issue: Volume 33

Publication Year: 2017

Scheduled Publication: October 2017

Special Issue

  • Sociocultural and dialogical perspectives on language and communicative activity for second language education (Koichi Nishiguchi)
  • Compilation of Japanese learners’ dictionaries (Yuriko Sunakawa)
  • The effects of narrative types in children’s narrative production (Hiromi Muranaka-Vuletich)
  • Practical linguistics of Japanese: Japanese linguistics’ contributions to teaching dareka/nanika (Etsuyo Yuasa)
  • A new approach to business Japanese instruction: Content-based instruction using business cases (Tomoko Takami)
  • Co-regulation in pair work: Insights from the Japanese as a foreign language (JFL) classroom (Vera E. W. Hanaoka)
  • A new content-based textbook for intermediate/advanced Japanese (Noriko Nagata)
Volume 33 Front Cover



Masahiko Minami, San Francisco State University/National Institute for Japanese Language & Linguistics

Honorary Editor

Mineharu Nakayama, The Ohio State University/National Institute for Japanese Language & Linguistics

Editorial Board

Kaoru Horie, Nagoya University
Hideki Kishimoto, Kobe University
Armin Mester, University of California, Santa Cruz
Toshiyuki Ogihara, University of Washington
Shigeko Okamoto, University of California, Santa Cruz
Peter Sells, University of York

Journal of Japanese Linguistics Submissions

Call for submissions

The Dilena Takeyama Center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture at San Francisco State University is happy to announce the publication of Journal of Japanese Linguistics under a new editorial board (Editor-in-Chief, Masahiko Minami). JJL seeks to sustain and enhance an intellectually stimulating discussion forum. The journal publishes original research that deals with issues in Japanese linguistics from both theoretical and descriptive perspectives and from a wide range of areas including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, language variation, acquisition, and historical linguistics as well as discussion of pedagogical implications. It is intended to provide linguists an opportunity for discussions of research and exchange of ideas and solutions. JJL also promotes interaction and collaboration between theoretical and descriptive camps so that together they may lead to a better understanding and treatment of Japanese linguistic phenomena. Under these objectives we would like to invite submissions to JJL that fall under the following categories:

  1. empirically oriented, descriptive work that includes original observations of linguistic phenomena
  2. theoretical application to empirical work
  3. experimental work that evaluates a linguistic theory
  4. discussion of linguistic issues problematic to language pedagogy and/or pedagogical implications of (1) or (2)

JJL also publishes special issues. If you are interested, please contact the editor.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The editor assumes that a manuscript submitted for publication has not previously been published, and that it is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. At the time of submission, the contributor should indicate if a modified version of the manuscript is being considered for publication elsewhere. Copyright will be held by the Journal of Japanese Linguistics.
  2. Manuscripts intended for publication should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) Style Sheet, except for certain conventions specified below. The author's name should not appear under the title on page 1, and any wordings elsewhere that would identify the author should be avoided. Please attach a separate sheet of paper that specifies the title and the author's name, affiliation, and mailing address. A 200-word abstract of the article should be provided on this sheet. Areas of study to which the article may be of particular interest (such as formal syntax or conversational analysis) should be listed at the end of the abstract.
  3. Manuscripts should be written in English and typed on one side of letter-size or A4 paper. Endnotes, not footnotes, should follow on a new page, labeled "Notes." References should begin on a new page following the endnotes. All text, including notes, must be double-spaced. Example sentences should be accompanied by a word-for-word gloss and a free translation. Any abbreviation should be explained on first use in a note.
  4. Isolated words or phrases in Japanese that appear in the text should be italicized or underlined. Glosses of individual Japanese words should follow that word in quotations, e.g., sensei "teacher." For all Japanese citations, please use one of the commonly used Romanization systems.
  5. The editor reserves the right to return manuscripts for retyping if the proper conventions are not followed.

The e-version (either a Word or PDF file) of the manuscript, including inquiries regarding book reviews (500-750 words), should be sent to as an attachment. The editor may request a hard copy of the manuscript. In such a case, please send a copy to:

Journal of Japanese Linguistics
Department of Foreign Languages
College of Liberal and Creative Arts
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132, U.S.A.

Journal of Japanese Linguistics Order Form

Journal of Japanese Linguistics Back Issues

Online Purchases

Volume 32

Publication Year: 2016

Scheduled Publication: January 2017

Volume 32 Cover


  • Submergence of lexically encoded egocentricity in syntax: The case of subjective emotion predicates in Japanese (Harumi Minagawa)

Special Section

  • Triple operations of rendaku processing: Native Chinese and Korean speakers learning Japanese (Katsuo Tamaoka, Kyoko Hayakawa, and Timothy J. Vance)
  • /p/-driven geminate devoicing in Japanese: Corpus and experimental evidence (Shigeto Kawahara and Shin-ichiro Sano)
  • Unproductive alternations and allomorph storage: The case of Sino-Japanese (Phillip Burness)

Book Reviews

  • Review of “Sequential Voicing in Japanese” edited by Timothy J. Vance and Mark Irwin (Reviewed by Nicolas Tranter)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Lexicon and Word Formation” edited by Taro Kageyama and Hideki Kishimoto (Reviewed by Peter Sells)
  • Review of “The Handbook of Japanese Applied Linguistics” edited by Masahiko Minami (Reviewed by Naomi H. McGloin and Shigeko Okamoto)
  • Review of “Cognitive-Functional Approaches to the Study of Japanese as a Second Language” edited by Kaori Kabata and Kiyoko Toratani (Reviewed by Kyoko Masuda)



Table of Contents: Volume 32 Table of Contents (pdf)

Download Abstracts: Volume 32 Abstracts (pdf)

AIS 235.3 American Indians: Images and Issues in the Mass Media

SFSU Spring 2016 Semester

AIS 235.3 American Indians: Images and Issues in the Mass Media

  • Schedule # 7855
  • MW, 11:10-12:25pm, BH 252
  • Class Attributes: Lower Division, GE C1: Arts, Overlay: American Ethnic and Racial Minorities, Overlay: Social Justice

Course Material

Spring 2015:

History 605

History 607

History 644


Publications: Hsiao-Yun Chu


butlerAn on-line novella:

Tablets of the Apocalypse

(available on-line)


A collection of science fiction short stories/novellas:

Chitkuwi and Other Stories

(Out for external review.)




Nikolas Sean-Paul Nackley

Baritone and educator, Nikolas Nackley, has been acclaimed by the Boston Globe for his ability to “continually impress with his beautiful voice and acting.” Equally regarded for his concert and dramatic work, Mr. Nackley’s career has spanned the American, European, and Asian continents and he has been featured in such venues as Boston’s Symphony Hall, Los Angeles’s Disney Concert Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Davies Symphony Hall. 

Courses Taught

Spring 2017

  • AIS 410: Perspectives of Native California Indians
  • AIS 535: American Indian Film 

2002 – 2016, AIS, SFSU

  • AIS 160: Survey of Native California Indians
  • AIS 162: American Indian Oral Literature
  • AIS 310: American Indian Religion and Philosophy
  • AIS 410: Perspectives of Native California Indians
  • AIS 420: American Indian Women
  • AIS 450: American Indian Science


  • Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Edited Books

2017. Getting Dirty: the Ecoeroticism of Women n Native Oral Literatures. For Critically Sovereign: Indigenous Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. Edited by Joanne Barker. Duke University Press. 

2016. Linking Ancestral Seeds and Waters to the Indigenous Places we Inhabit. Co-authored with Nicola Wagenberg. For Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women’s Voices, edited by Jeanine Canty. New York, NY: Routledge Press. 


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