Evrim Emir

Evrim Emir-Sayers has been a Lecturer at San Francisco State University since 2013. She teaches various courses on Continental Philosophy, Existentialism, and Phenomenology. Her reserach interests are Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, 19th Century Philosophy, Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, 20th Century French Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Literature, and Sufism.

Carel Bertram

My training is in Islamic Art History, so the classes that I have designed at SFSU focus on the visual and the cultural in Islamic cultures (art, architecture, cities, literature.)  I bring my ways of studying the visual and cultural world and my interest in Islamic cultures to all my classes; I also add a study of space and place to the study of other ways that we represent ourselves in the world.


Spring 2015
LATN 202 | Intermediate Latin.
CLAS 280 | Cinema and the Ancient World
CLAR 425 | Roman Art and Archaeology

Autumn 2014
CLAR 250 | Archaeology of the Ancient World.
CLAR 500 | Egyptian Civilisation.
CLAR 545/845 | Pompeii and Herculaneum Seminar.

Spring 2014
CLAR 532/832 | Greek and Roman Wall Painting Seminar.

Autumn 2013 (Sabbatical)

Spring 2013
LATN 202 | Intermediate Latin.
CLAR 500 | Egyptian Civilisation.



2018 California Collaborative Advising & Counseling Conference Scholarship

Lecturer Travel Grant, English Department, San Francisco State University, 2016.

X.J. Kennedy Award for Nonfiction, Rosebud, 2015.

Distingushed Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, San Francisco State University, 2015.

Spanish Ministry of Culture Award, 2013.

Solas Culture and Ideas Award, Travelers’ Tales, 2010.

The Roots of Desire selected for the Women’s Leadership Institute Literary Salon, Mills College, 2009.


Ways We Hold"How do we stay rooted in a world of flux? 'Oh, to keep ourselves / from falling,' Jennifer Arin exclaims, and here is a poet who understands and celebrates the complexity of this impossible wish. Meditating on ancient languages and cityscapes, flow charts and romance, Arin brings an awareness of time's ineluctable passage and poetry's power to stop it, however briefly.


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