Shandy Hauk

I grew up in and around Los Angeles. My bachelor's degree is in theater and film-making (at the University of California, Irvine, UCI). My first California teaching credential was in English, then a supplemental credential in math. I taught middle and high school math and English (mostly) for about 5 years before quitting, mortgaging the small house I’d bought using my teacher's salary, and returning to UCI in math. Finished a math PhD at UCI and a mathematics education post-doc at Arizona State.









Racial and Gender Discrimination, Tobacco Use, and Time Perspective among Adolescents


Omar Sosa Tzec

Omar Sosa-Tzec is an Assistant Professor of Design Foundations. Prof. Sosa-Tzec studies how the elements of visual artifacts such as user interfaces and informational material produce meaning and create discourse. Prof. Sosa-Tzec has a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction Design, an MDes in Information Design, an MS in Industrial Computing and Mathematics, and a BS in Computer Science.



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