Dr. Mello's Students


The TimeLab is located in EP 510.


Students who are interested in joining the TimeLab should send an email to Dr. Mello at zmello@sfsu.edu that includes a brief statement about career goals, CV/resume, and GPA.


Lab Managers

Lena Azzouz, M.A. in progress, San Francisco State University

Liliana Celesia Moore, M.A. in progress, San Francisco State University


Undergraduate Students

Jules Kutner

Rebecca Lieber

Fiona Medaris

Erick Romero

Jesse Simnegar


Undergraduate Psychology Honors Program Students

Jules Kutner

Erick Romero

Jesse Simnegar


Selected Past Students

(Name, former position with Dr. Mello, current position)          


Hilary Anton-Sang, Graduate Research Assistant, Clinical Director, Kid's Crossing

Dilrani Bhadare, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Ph.D., Clinical, Alliant University

Alexa L. Davidson, Undergraduate Research Assistant, County Health Advocate  

Dante D. Dixson, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Laura Finan, M.A. Student, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Illinois State University

Lee H. Hand, Undergraduate Research Assistant, English Instructor, China USA Society English Centers

Jamie Jaramillo, Psychology Honors Program Student, Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Social Learning Center

Manpreet Kaur, M.A. Student, Graduate Research Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator, University of California, San Francisco

Patricia L. Monaghan, Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D., Clinical, Florida Institute of Technology 

Julia Moon, M.A. Student, Graduate Research Assistant, Doctoral Student Applicant

Victoria C. Paoloni, Psychology Honors Program Student, M.A. Student, San Jose State University

Daishea Poole, M.A. Student, California Baptist University

Gabriela Michelle Sollis, Undergraduate Research Assistant

AnnMarie Stiasny, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Graduate Student, Counseling, Northcentral University

Erica Walker, Psychology Honors Program Student, M.A. Student, San Francisco State University

Isaac C. S. Wiggers, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Graduate Student, Industrial/Organization, Seattle Pacific University

Laura Yitzzel Alcaraz, Undergraduate Research Assistant, M.S. in progress, School Psychology, San Francisco State University

Alyssa Youngquist, M.A. Student, Clinical Research Coordinator, University of California, San Francisco 




spring 2020
Spring 2020

(Top row, from left) Lindsey Seril, Julia Moon, Jules Kutner

(Second row, from left) Lena Azzouz, Dr. Mello, Erick Romero

(Bottom row, from left) Rebecca Lieber, Liliana Celesia Moore


timelab 18 19
TimeLab 2018–2019

(Top row, from left) Natasha Govind, Bianca Gonzalez, Daniel Campos, Aldo Pizano, Dr. Mello, Aimee Montano, Khoi Tran, Jack Chase

(Second row, from left) Melissa Gonzales, Jena D'Amico, Lindsey Seril, Julia Moon, Jennifer Wahleithner

(Bottom row) Kendra Ferguson


comp combined


Spring 2019

Julia Moon, a first-year graduate student working under the direction of Dr. Mello, won first place at the 33rd Annual California State University Student Research Competition! She presented her project entitled, "Time and Trepidation: An Examination of Thoughts and Feelings about the Past, Present, and Future and Anxiety among Adolescents" in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Graduate Division. Congratulations, Julia!

Credit for left photo goes to Jordan Kubat Photography, 2019


Spring 2018            

(From left) Adelaja Abosede, Dr. Ekundayo, Dr. Mello


The 5 people in the photo are dressed formally at a convention, posing and smiling at the camera.
Spring 2017

(From left) Laura Alcarez, Liceth Solis, Dr. Mello, Julie Chandler, Celeste Lopez


Spring 2016

(From left) Manpreet Kaur, Dr. Mello, Alyssa Youngquist 


High School Data Collection Summer 2016

(From left) Manpreet Kaur, Mariah Sewell


academic year 2015-16

Academic Year 2015–2016

(From left) Clemens Rade, Maryam Tavakoli, Caitlin Collins, Dr. Mello, Erica Walker, Victoria Paoloni, Gabriela Solis, Julie Chandler, Alyssa Youngquist 


spring 2015
Spring 2015

(From left) Izzy Mayes, Dr. Mello, Alexa Davidson, Christina Marquez, Alyssa Youngquist, Erica Walker


Summer 2014

Victoria Paoloni

(Photograph courtesy of Diane Fenster)


spring 2013



Spring 2013

(From left) Dr. Mello, AnnMarie Stiasny, Jamie Jaramillo, Isaac C. S. Wiggers


academic 10-12


Academic Years 2010–2012

(From left) KrisAnn McBroom, Hilary Anton-Stang, Laura Finan, Dr. Mello, Tavia Sharpe, Carmen M. Gutíerrez, Lee A. Hand