Time Perspective


"Time perspective is a multidimensional, individual-varying, and age-related construct that is defined as thoughts and feelings about the past, present, and future" (Mello, 2017).


The Adolescent and Adult Time Inventory (AATI; Mello & Worrell, 2007) assesses multiple dimensions of time perspective, including time meaning, time frequency, time orientation, time relation, and time attitudes. The AATI has yielded reliable and valid scores in more than a dozen countries (Mello & Worrell, 2017). The authors permit the use of this instrument and would appreciate being informed of its application and corresponding results. If you are interested in translating the AATI, please contact Zena R. Mello (zmello@sfsu.edu) and Frank C. Worrell (frankc@berkeley.edu).


Click HERE for the Adolescent and Adult Time Inventories and Manual