Time Perspective


"Time perspective is a multidimensional, individual-varying, and age-related construct that is defined as thoughts and feelings about the past, present, and future" (Mello, 2017).


The Adolescent and Adult Time Inventory (AATI; Mello & Worrell, 2007) assesses multiple dimensions of time perspective, including time meaning, time frequency, time orientation, time relation, and time attitudes. The AATI has yielded reliable and valid scores in more than a dozen countries (Mello & Worrell, 2017). The authors permit the use of this instrument and would appreciate being informed and corresponding results. If you are interested in translating the AATI, please contact Zena R. Mello (zmello@sfsu.edu) and Frank C. Worrell (frankc@berkeley.edu).


Click here for the Adolescent and Adult Time Inventories and Manual


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